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New Grad Dameron Hospital & Versant Program Winter 2013 - page 9

Hey! Has anyone else on here applied for the New Grad program in Stockton? I went to the open house last week and it was packed full of hungry, new grads. I applied to a few departments and have so... Read More

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    Oh ok. Well hopefully we both hear something soon! Let me know if you do!
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    Will do.
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    Hey all.. Has anyone heard back from the ED yet?
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    Im still waiting to hear back from anyone else still waiting? The suspense is killing me.
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    They interviewed today and are finishing up tomorrow.
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    Well thats not very promising. But havent received a no yet either.
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    Did you call yet? They said they would make decisions by Friday.
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    I tried to call hr to check and also the admin asst but no one answered.
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    Did you have a third interview?
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    Yes. I did already.
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    Well best of luck. I guess I need to move on...they would have contacted me by now. Very disappointed.
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    You never know. They haven't hired anyone yet. Hang in there!
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    Youre right and thanks