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Hi everyone! My name is Alissa and I applied to National University’s generic entry BSN program in San Diego (for cohort 33). I just completed the proctored essay and the TEAS test today and now the wait begins. Just to clarify... Read More

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    It's crazy how long we have all been waiting. I just hope this is all over soon. I've been on pins and needles for weeks now!

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    well it finally changed from submitted to final anxious
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    Mine says "final review" too!!!!
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    Ok final review for me too! The countdown begins...
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    Hi, guys! I just got an acceptance e-mail from NU! Did anyone else get an e-mail?
    Last edit by cappuccinespresso on Nov 13, '12
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    Nope, no email yet and mine still says final review anyone else get an email?
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    no email.....This is crazy how long we have been waiting
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    never-mind, I GOT ACCEPTED!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Me, too.....I am so happy
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    What was your guys' score on the TEAS? (for the people that got accepted)

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