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Hi everyone! My name is Alissa and I applied to National University's generic entry BSN program in San Diego (for cohort 33). I just completed the proctored essay and the TEAS test today and now the... Read More

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    no email.....This is crazy how long we have been waiting
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    never-mind, I GOT ACCEPTED!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Me, too.....I am so happy
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    What was your guys' score on the TEAS? (for the people that got accepted)
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    Still waiting...Mine still says final review...
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    check your personal email thats where mine was, hope you got in.
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    @ksantos92 Mine was 87.3%, and I have around 3.5~3.7 on the Math and Sciences GPA (forgot my calculations to be honest).

    @nissy_nc Yay, we got in! So we'll see each other on the 30th then.
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    I got in!!!! Yay cohort 33!!
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    Congrats to all who got in!

    I'm taking my teas this upcoming week for cohort 34.

    For those of you who got in for the generic BSN program, I was wondering what your TEAS score and gpa's were? Any tips on the TEAS/ essay?
    I'm super nervous!

    Congrats again!!
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    Congratulations cohort 33!
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    Hi lynn_08,
    My TEAS score was 83.9% overall and I had B's in all of my pre nursing classes except for an A in biomed stats. My regular GPA is like a 3.5 or 3.7ish. I don't know what I got on the essay yet but you really need to think about what you might write before hand and write it down. As for the TEAS test: study the ATI testing book and do the practice tests. Know that book! Make sure you get plenty of sleep the night before the test/essay. Don't put off studying until the last min.
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    Hi CaptCrzy,
    Thank you so much for your tips. I've been studying the ATI book for awhile now, and many others told me the McGraw Hill book was better (in terms of the science section and going into depth). I'm hoping the ATI book will be enough.. *fingers crossed
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    Congratulations nissy_nc and cappuccinespresso!

    I guess we will all meet on Nov 30th.

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