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Hi everyone! I thought I'd start a thread for those of us who applied for the April 2013 cohort at National University in San Diego. I believe everyone has taken their TEAS/essay by now. How did you... Read More

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    Hey Cohort 34,

    I spoke at your orientation. If you guys need tutoring let me know.
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    Hey cohort 34 . congrats to all who got in. I applied for cohort 35 and my wait begun in march. I have become an stoker whereby I spend hours and hours looking for anyone who applied for the July cohort 35. I need some encouragement from anyone out there in the same boat as me or from those who once sailed a similar one like this.How do I keep my mind off this waiting game? this wait is about to destroy my whole existence
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    Hi everyone, Congratulations to all who have made it into the program. I applied to the April, 2014 cohort so I will be behind you by one year. I was just wondering how everyone's experience has been so far? Is the pace overwhelming? What has your schedule been like so far with nursing? Do you have any time to see friends, go to the gym, see family, etc.? Were you able to take at least one day off to rest the mind? Was the pace similar to the microbiology class at NU and other prereqs? I look forward to hearing your experience. Thanks
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    Well when I went through I had time to do a whole lot of stuff... It wasn't that bad... You just have to manage your time. I just knew I wasn't going to be number one in the class so I studied as much as I could and did other things. I didn't burn myself out. So now I work in the ED and I graduate next year with my MSN at the University of San Francisco. I already applied for my DNP-FNP program here at USF so hopefully I get in.
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    Thank you Reordona, Thank you that is encouraging. How often did you have lectures and how often did you have shifts in the hospitals?
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    hi everyone!!! I will be applying Jan 2014 for the July cohort. I am ver nervous. I have a 4.0 in my sciences and biostats. I haven't taken the TEAS V test yet and I'm really nervous to take that and the essay. Only having an hour and a half to write an essay is hard for me. My ADD kicks in hardcore when I write essays.
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    Nice work on your GPA!!!!
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    I heard we won't receive notice of acceptance until mid January.
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    Ya probably not until the third week of January.
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    Happy Holidays everyone! Does anyone know the start date of cohort 38 if we do make it in? I know April 2014 but which date specifically I am wondering. Thanks
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    Marinewife09 -
    Did you find out if you got in?? I just found out this evening that I made it; I was so worried I wouldn't. I'm crossing my fingers for us all.
    P.S. Hope to see you soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    I live in Lake Elsinore (close enough). I would love more information on the cert!
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    Yup, I got the news yesterday as well. I made it in too!!!!!!!!! I look forward to meeting you

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