National University April 2013 Cohort - page 4

Hi everyone! I thought I'd start a thread for those of us who applied for the April 2013 cohort at National University in San Diego. I believe everyone has taken their TEAS/essay by now. How did you... Read More

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    Me too. Very pleased; see you there Marinewife09 and everyone else.

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    Me three! I've been waiting for this day for so long!

    For those of you who wanted to know. My GPA is around 3.7 and I scored 83% on the TEAS.
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    I was accepted too. Can't wait to meet everyone at orientation. We should start a Facebook group
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    Yesss. I was accepted!!!!!!!!!!
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    Ya, to help future applicants, my GPA was also around 3.7 and I scored an 88% on the TEAS V.

    Congratulations to everyone!
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    Does anyone live in the Temecula/murrieta/menifee area. I found someone for the bls/aed cert, the more that attend the cheaper it is.
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    Hello Everyone,

    Since our orientation is coming up very soon here, I was wondering what everyone is doing as far as insurance coverage. I am currently employed at a non-medical field position and I hope I can stay on part-time while in the program in order to keep my health benifits but I fear I wont have time. I was wondering if anyone knew of affordable heath coverage, since it is required for our program?
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    I'm in San Jacinto, where do they do the classes at?
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    Sorry I just saw your post. I took mine in Temecula off front street/rancho cal. If u still have not done it I can see if I have the number of the girl she can come to you. Looking forward to meeting everyone next week
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    Hey Cohort 34,

    I spoke at your orientation. If you guys need tutoring let me know.

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