MT SAC FALL 2011 or SPRING 2012

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    K, folks, based on the rumor mill, they had to go over 120+ students to get the 60 they need for Spring 11. So originally I went from 910 back in Fall 2009, to 458 to the Spring in 2010, to 265 this past fall. My guess now is that I'm around the 130 to 140 on the waitlist if the 120+ rumor is correct. Word is they were suppose to mail the letters out this week. Let me know if anyone has any updates or better Intel.

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    I just received my letter this morning 3.12.11 and my number dropped from 265 down by 117 to 148. It looks like I won't make this Fall session unless some kind of miracle happens. Spring 2012 is in the cards for me! Best of luck to those who made it for this Fall.
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    I made it into the Fall Program! I was # 247 last drawing and this time around I am 56
    Tried getting more info from the school but they are not very forth coming with it~
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    Ann, how did your number drop 191 spots when mine only dropped 117 spots. You were only 18 spots ahead of me and know you are 92 spots. This is nuts....
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    I have no idea, and it came as a total surprise because I had not planned to get in this year, I was expecting next Spring. Makes no sense I know!
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    But it was in fact a full 2 years wait~
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    Well congrats to you! I'm very happy that you got in early. I wish it were the same for me.
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    Thank you! your turn will come up here soon~
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    Do you know which HESI study guide to get for the entrance exam? I've looked at Borders and the only one I have seen is the 2nd Edition. Please help if you have any info. Thanks
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    I didn't use any study guides for mine, I just went in and took it, sorry I'm not much help~
    It wasn't that hard to be honest with you. Good luck~

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