Moving to Northern CA, Job prospects?

  1. Hello! I'm a relatively new grad and I've been working on a med/onc floor. I am moving to northern California in October to be closer to family.

    When I move I will have 20 months of experience. I have been seeing many applications that say 2 yrs of experience preferred.

    Do you all think that it would be worth it to stay an additional 4 months to get that nice round 2 yrs of experience? Or would it be all the same if I just moved when I was planning? I'm worried my application will be poo-poo-ed bc I don't make the 2 yr cut off.

    Also, any tips on job hunting? I'm looking everywhere, Berkeley, East Bay, Sacramento, Santa Rosa, etc.

    Any and all advice in greatly appreciated.
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  3. by   zzbxdo
    Apply, If you get a job, move. If not, stay. The worse than can happen is you get rejected but you have your current job. Browse down and search this California forum, responses will benefit you regardless of the area so there isn't really need to start a new thread. If you're already committed to moving without securing a job... Well you've done your research a tad bit late!
  4. by   SailorWifey
    Since you're asking a question about if you should stay to make a full two years or not, I think that justifies a new thread. That specific question is one I haven't seen asked (and I've browsed!) unfortunately I don't know the exact answer. I know most jobs require at least one year of experience. Two with a BSN won't hurt you, that's for sure. Good luck!
  5. by   Nonetheless
    stay where you are now, and apply to jobs in California before moving. It may take several months to get a job in California.
  6. by   NickiLaughs
    I moved from southern California to northern California with 4 years ICU experience, I did not move until I already had the job. It took me about 6 months to get a job. I started applying in August, interviewed late October/early November and started in December. Just to give you a timeline.
    Having your BSN makes you more marketable, and I imagine the 2 year mark would help. You don't specify which part of Nor Cal? Bay area is harder than Sacramento. Sacramento is hard though too.
    Any extra certifications you can get help, connections help. It's not a easy job market even for the experienced.
  7. by   RunBabyRN
    I agree about waiting until you have a job. Even with experience, the market is really tough right now, especially in the Bay Area, including Santa Rosa.
    Where are you thinking of moving? Do you have that part planned yet?