Mount St. Mary's College ABSN FALL 2012 - page 3

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Hello, I just applied for the ABSN for Fall 2012, just wondering if anyone has submitted their applications for this pool?... Read More

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    Nothing yet, but pretty soon!
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    oh wow that is awesome! seems like you've done a lotta extracurricular stuff so far! by any chance do you go to UC Riverside?
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    Nope haven't heard anything yet and I can't wait any longer either!
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    Yes i do! do you go there?
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    Yeah I also go to UC Riverside! What a coincidence! What major are you?
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    wow! go scotty! I'm a philosophy major, what a bout you?
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    haha I'm a biology major. It's cool to know another Scotty who applied to the same school! =)
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    Hello All!

    I'm new to the thread, just wanted to drop in and say hey! Good luck to everyone, I hope we all get to become classmates and meet face-to-face in August!
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    Welcome aboard! Keep us posted on your journey to MSMC ABSB program!