Mount St. Mary's nursing ADN program, Spring 2012; any advice? Mount St. Mary's nursing ADN program, Spring 2012; any advice? | allnurses

Mount St. Mary's nursing ADN program, Spring 2012; any advice?

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    I am planning to attend Mount St. Mary's ADN program for Spring 2012. I recently attended another nursing program and didn't pass . I believe that by taking 5 classes for my first semester of nursing school it was probably too overwhelming for me. I have since been studying my butt off and focusing on my weaknesses. I planning to start strong with a new nursing program and i believe this school is right for me. If anyone can give me some insight about this college I would really appreciate it.


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    where is this school?
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    Los Angeles, CA.
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    Ok I will move your thread to there and you may find the answers you need in the forum for CA nursing students-good luck
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    Thank you very much! Have a great day.
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    Congratulations! so you got into this school already?? I'm also interested in their evening program for spring 2012, but I'm not sure if I should just wait for Fall 2012 because I will be working about 37 hours a week at a school. Seems that this program is designed for working people, is that right??
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    No, I'm not admitted to their program. I applied for Spring 2012. I have two friends that went there and they were both successful in the program. I'm not sure if you will be able to work, I have not asked them. I hoping to get the afternoon session if I am admitted. Good luck!
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    Hi, I am in the process for acceptance into the program. I interviewed this week and am interested if anyone else on here is in the acceptance process for this cohort. I would really like to get to know some of the prospective members of the class to share info with.
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    I am also a candidate for the Spring 2012 ADN program at Mount St. Mary's and I am just waiting on my acceptance letter... any word yet?
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    #9 0 word yet but hoping the letter will come any day!
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    As soon as we know "if accepted" we should get as many of us together before the orientation to introduce ourselves and exchange info in case anything comes up. I will let you know as soon as I do whether I got in.
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    In my decades of nursing in Los Angeles I've been staff preceptor for Mount St. Mary's students and work with graduate RNs.

    Somehow this school's graduates are consistently excellent compassionate nurses.
    I'd feel confident being cared for by all of them. They are great colleagues to work with.
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    Heyo all! I just mailed in my tuition deposit, acceptance decision, and finished off my FAFSA. Looking forward to meeting people at orientation on December the 2nd if all works out well. I have to say though, I'm slightly perplexed by the lack of reviews overall on the net about this particular program at Mount St. Mary's. Having lived in southern California all my life, I've always heard great things about their nursing department, yet when it finally came time to apply and to give serious thought to if I wanted to accept their offer, I could find almost no reviews or opinions about the program. Thanks for sharing your insight herring_RN!

    Catch you all later!
    Regards, Matt.

    P.S. I was accepted into the Pre-nursing option since I still have a few pre-requisites to complete. Part of the reason I applied to this program was due to the fact that I've been so aggravated about the fact that I've spent a year and a half at a local community college, and this current semester is the only one I've been able to even obtain a science pre-req!