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Hi everyone, thought I'd get the thread started for the Laguna Hills New Grad RN program. I'm from out of state and just moved to CA, I don't have any connections to the hospital unfortunately, so I... Read More

  1. by   oh.hello
    I phoned HR a few days ago to follow up on my application. I applied on Dec. 17. They said that some of the new grad positions have already been filled, some have not. To my understanding, there are only a few positions available. Perhaps 1 in Ortho/Surgical, and a couple others in medical-surgical. I have been feeling very discouraged as my status has been "Your application is being reviewed by a recruiter. If you are among those who best meet the requirements for this position you will be contacted for an interview." for the last two weeks and still I have not had a phone call
  2. by   emmymaeeRN
    Hi everyone,

    This is what my status changed to:

    Thank you for your patience during this review process. Unfortunately, you are no longer being considered for this position, but we encourage you to apply for other positions you are interested in.

    Bummer :/ But, I oh.hello, I would call HR and check again. They are supposed to be making phone calls for interviews this and next week.
  3. by   ExPharmaGirl
    I got a rejection email today.