LVN to RN (Los Angeles)

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    Good evening
    I would like to go to LVN to RN program and I am hoping someone could help me here. I am an LVN for 10 months now here in Los Angeles (sub-acute) and I am starting to dream big again

    This is my 1st post and sorry if I didn't use the 'search' engine yet.


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    Check out this program: BSN at a reasonable cost.
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    Do you want your associate's or bsn? I recently got accepted into an lvn to rn program in Los angeles and I am thrilled!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    thanks for the link calio!

    @caffeineaddict: ADn, or BSN, where in L.A.? hook me up! I will PM you right now
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    I love Ventura college in Ventura. Cheaper cost of living. Applied in March 2009 and was accepted Jan.10. ADN
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    OP Just wanted you to know that you can't use the PM function until you have 15 posts under your belt.
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    make that 12 post sir

    @ o2: hmm ventura... i work in sta. monica and home for me is downtown los angeles.
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    tobyboy, i can't pm yet because I am still too new to the site. However, I was accepted into LAHC. Excellent nclex pass rates of 95% average. All you need to do is take the pre-reqs, and the lvn to rn transition courses.There was no wait for us LVN's. (adn) Wilmington , Ca...close to Torrance/Harbor City area
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    @caffeineaddict: congratulations on getting into LAHC! Cool, I'm an LVN too and I was wondering what my odds were of getting into an RN program. Good to know there was no wait for you!

    @tobyboy: If you're in downtown L.A., have you looked at LA Trade Tech? They have a "Career Ladder" from LVN to RN. Go to

    There's also the LA County College of Nursing and Allied Health. They are near the USC Medical Center and have "Advanced Placement" for LVNs. Click here:
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    wow thanks so much. this forum rocks. now I have to do follow-ups in all the leads your giving me.

    what about on-line classes?

    or the foreign-based classes?

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