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  1. Hello nurses and other professionals: So my name is Ryan and I live in San Diego, Ca. I am planning on joining the Navy to be a Hospital Corpsman, but I am thinking of being a LVN before I join. Are there any schools here in San Diego that is Accredited by the Board? Also, theres the local City College like San Diego City College and South Western College but also there's the vocational/career colleges like Kaplan, Concorde and PMI Institute. I know that they offer no waitlist and provides all books/items necessary to learn and prepare for the LVN, but they are also expensive, which is in between >$30,000. So again, what program should I look into, would love to hear from Nurses or others who have experience. Thank you and I hope everyone the best of Luck. Ryan
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    Take a look in the CA nursing programs forum under the CA forum for threads about CA nursing programs.
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    Take a look in the CA nursing programs forum under the CA forum for threads about CA nursing programs.
    I would check that out, thank you
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    Not to discourage your from going to school, Ryan, but how soon are you anticipating going into the Navy? If it's very soon, you should save your time and money. If you want to be a Corpsman make sure you have Hospital Corps School GUARANTEED to you before you sign your enlistment contract. If they can't guarantee your school., walk away - trust me, they will come after you and give you what you want. And if you are a Corpsman, you can challenge the NCLEX-PN and get your LVN license, even before you get out of the Navy
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    Agree 100%, if your joining soon don't bother, you will get all that free training plus a kick ass GI Bill worth 80k when you get out. Get HM in writing!!!!!!!
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    currently im 166 pounds and i need to lose weight to get to the minimum of 155 pounds, thank you for the comments LVN-RNhopeful and liberty bell, thanks alot really, and yes someone told me to get MEDICAL corpsman and not DENTAL or whatever. Thank you so much. Heres a story, I went to Concorde today and it was like a car dealership, basically the whole talk ranged from my past to "take our Medical Assistant first or we will guarantee you will fail" kind of thing. also she even told me that I will need to do "externship" in which I will need to work 40 hours a week for 6 weeks WITHOUT PAY, and she said that if the doctor likes may get a job from him...hello! once im done he will get another MA that will work for him for free... anyways, looking forward to serve the United States Navy, cant wait. Thank you all, thank you moderators and staff. I wish everyone the best.
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    Only 11lbs is not bad to loose! Not that it's easy, but it is only can do it. Don't waste your money or time if you really want to join as a Hospital Corpsman. The only thing I would suggest is a cheap CNA course or something, but good luck!!!!
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    Ryan - 11 lbs is nothing - really! You can do it!! I'm serious though, once you go to MEPS to enlist, don't let them talk you into anything else. They'll try to talk you into ratings that are hard to fill. Tell them you'll take Corpsman or you'll take nothing. I had to wait 11 months in Delayed Entry to get my A school, but it was totally worth it. Good luck to you!! BTW - you can't beat the GI Bill. I'm using it now to pay for Nursing school - can't beat it!
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    ^^^ Agreed!! The new GI Bill is worth over 80k and worth joining any service for four years. Or 5 for the Corpsman program in the Navy.