LVN-BSN National University January 2013 cohort - page 22

Hello! I've applied to the LVN to BSN cohort at National University in SD that begins in January 2013. Anyone else there apply, too? I'm currently waiting for an email so I can take the TEAS.... Read More

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    Thanks sammiN for the info! I hope so too!

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    Good luck everyone! I really hope we all get in!!!
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    SammiN: thanks for the info! Good luck to all of us!
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    My status Just change to submitted to final review! God please have mercy!
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    Mine has changed too. I'm so excited and anxious! Good luck everyone!
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    I'm soooo anxious & very scared!!! My status just changed to final review too!!! I don't know if I can sleep tonight!!!
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    Ahhhhh!!! We are sooo close!!! Mines in final review too!!! No sleeping will be going on tonight!!!
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    Today is the day!!! I've been checking my inbox like... Every minute! Let's keep our fingers crossed!
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    haha I've been checking the student portal nonstop.
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    For some reason, I have this feeling that we really won't find out until monday 😔

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