Los Medanos for Fall 2011?

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    Hello all, is anybody applying to Los Medanos CC for fall 2011. I just sent in my application with my fingers crossed
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    I am applying to LMC for Fall 2011 as well. Good luck to both of us! What other schools are you applying to?
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    I am applying to Contra Costa as well. Are you applying to other schools too. I wish I could have applied to the CSU's but I just finished physiology.
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    Yeah, same here. I wish I applied to some BSN programs, but I haven't taken Stats yet. I'm applying to Contra Costa too! I'm also applying to Merritt, Hartnell, Chabot, Ohlone, City College of SF, Sierra and Solano Community College.
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    I think I will apply to some of those as well. I hope we get in somewhere
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    Hi. I saw your post. I finally got in for 2010 after 4 years applying. Unfortunately I had to defer starting last August due to a spouses health. So, I was granted a deferrment and will be starting this August.
    Luckily I have already taken the TEAS so it is just a matter of the waiting! Good luck and I hope your name is chosen! If it is, you will get a letter with a packet in May which has a bunch of forms for conditional acceptance. They need the TEAS cut score and then you have to have the background & drug screen as well as immunization updates.
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    Congrats on being accepted! I hope I get in, this is my first try. Since it is a lottery, I am going with luck. I have some classmates that got in on their first try and some that have been applying for years. Hope I see you this fall
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    Good luck! Hope you get in the first time!
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    I applied as well. I have also applied to Samuel Merritt ABSN, Merritt College, Solano, and CSUEB. Fingers crossed!
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    I think the waiting is the hardest. I read alot of the comments from those who started the program last August. Sounded very exciting. Good luck to everyone!