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Hey everyone! This is my second time applying to LAHC (was alternate for the Fall 2012 but didn't make it in). Who else has applied?... Read More

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    Thanks zoe3! I would call because I'm pretty sure they send an e-mail regardless if you got accepted or not so maybe they read your e-mail wrong. That happened to a girl I know like 2 semesters ago!

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    remember, last year, you and me got invitation to take TEAS, both ended up being alternates. haha. I wish u good luck this year. You really have a better chance this year.
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    So I received notice that I'm on that alternate list at LAHC and PCC. Is that just another way for schools to reject us NICELY (seeing that I applied to 3 schools and 2 out of the 3 I get put on the "alternate" list)? I wonder if schools even send out rejection letters?? This is such a grueling process; a teaser for being considered an alternate. I'm holding on to a slim chance of hope for both schools. I much rather start in the Spring, but if I must, Fall isnt going to be too far away.
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    I also got the e-mail on November 1. I sent my TEAS transcripts right away ( i was so excited! ). anyway, i also applied to LA County and got accepted already for Spring 2013 but I much rather go to LAHC since that's my school now and live 5 minutes away. =D I really hope I get in LAHC. =D Good luck to all of us!
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    Hey hnguyen509! How is your semester going? I do remember...I think I was named "Most Bitter" by my colleagues, ha ha.
    I'm not sure I have a better chance...I'd like to think I do, but aren't I considered fresh for the lottery each time? Let's hope you're right
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    Zoe, I don't think alternates got spots last semester at LAHC (from what I read on this site). But it looks like they do have a shot at PCC if last semester's trend holds true. There were alternates notified like a month before school started that there was a spot for them. So you never know, you might get in at PCC.
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    No alternates got in for the Fall, you're right.
    Good luck to everyone taking their TEAS!! Hope for the best for us all :-)
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    Just took the Teas on Friday and passed They said they want a class of 50 this semester and that they should be emailing us next week to see if we've been accepted into the program. There was about 40 who took the exam on Friday and the week before about a dozen. The nurse also told us 4 people who where selected in the 1st lottery forgot to put down their email so their applications were trashed. I don't know if that increases our chances or not. Good luck to everyone
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    @Stevenakaproek thanks for the update!! It feels slightly better knowing anything about what's going on in the department. and congrats on passing!
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    I think something like 25% of those taking it don't pass their TEAS. My friend was one of them :-(.
    I really hope this is my semester. Hope I get to meet you all at orientation!

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