Los Angeles County Allied School of Nursing

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    Hello I am applying to LAC Allied School of Nursing for the Fall 2013 semester ADN program. I was wondering if any body else is applying to this school for the fall 2013 semester or if there is anybody that currently attends or has attended this school that has any advice or opinions about this school. Any feedback would greatly be appreciated. Thank you in advanced.

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    I'm applying for the fall'03 semester.
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    Have you taken the teas yet? I'm taking mine this Friday I hope to pass with a 75 or better. I wonder what the points cut off score will be
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    No, I haven't taken the teas test. I'll be taking it the end of March. Good luck to you on the teas test tomorrow!!! May I ask how many schools did you apply to?
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    So far I have applied only to allied but I will be applying to ELAC LACC and LA Trade as soon as I complete my TEAS today.
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    Hi Tgcid00, how did the exam go?
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    The exam went well. I won't know my results till Friday because I took my exam through LAC nursing and they only offer a paper pencil test. Hopefully I passed with at least a 75% so I can qualify for the 20 points. The test itself I felt wasn't too bad. I thought it was very lengthy though. I took about 5 hrs to complete. The science section was a lot of physiology. I would suggest going over cells atoms respiratory and cardiovascular. Math was pretty straightforward know percentages and fractions and you should be fine. For English just know your parts of speech and punctuation. Last, for reading just read every passage carefully and look at all your options before answering. Other than that not too bad. Ill let you know how I did once I get my results.
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    I currently attend LAC School of Nursing, if you're lucky enough to get accepted, it will be well worth it in the end. In clinical, the nurses constantly tell us how much more competent we are than most of the other nursing programs in the area. And in fact, I've seen it for myself with a few new orienting RN's from other programs that just don't have the thorough foundation as us nursing students do. It's pretty sad when the nursing student knows more than a newly licensed RN...
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    Thanks for your reply Pixie18 . I really do hope that I'm accepted into LAC School of Nursing. I have heard that LAC Allied is hard but well worth it. I want to go to a school where I will feel competent when I graduate which is why county is my #1 choice. I have read other posts about how ridiculously hard this school is, would you say that is true? Or is it just an exaggerated view?
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    Hey everyone,
    I applied for Fall 13 also. I took the TEAS on Feb 23 and I passed the TEAS with a 78%. I averaged out 80 points out of the 93 so hopefully I get accepted. Good luck everyone!

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