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Has anyone applied to or had an interview with LCOM for the upcoming cohort? It seems weird that I can't seem to find anything about their interview process on here except from like 2006.... Read More

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    Did anyone waiting for med-surg/tele get a call today? Still waiting :-(

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    californiabsn...around what time did u get a call on Thurs? and when was ur interview(day and time)..please waiting is killing me...
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    I got my call Thursday afternoon don't remember specifically what time but i had my interview Monday. Was a very quick phone call as he had a meeting with other managers. I know that he's making calls as soon as the managers send him names so don't worry. I read on FB that someone called him recently about ICU to ask and he will be making phone calls over the weekend so be ready for a phone call. I'm sure you'll hear back soon. If not try giving him a call.
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    well the girl who had interviewed right before me got a position unless you are the same girl...was ur interview at 10:45 am? so Im assuming I didn't get it...since I would be next on the list...I've come to terms with not getting it...but I will hold on to the very little hope I have left that maybe I waiting for the official call...
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    I just got hired for 4th med/card floor Congrats to everyone, I am so excited!
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    I applied for the Feb start date and my application status says "under consideration" ...any advice?
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    Mine says under consideration too I wonder if everyone's says that or if it means we are moving on.
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    The only advice i have is to come prepared for your interview, Stay Confident, Relax and Be Yourself!
    They are very welcoming to all new grads. From the others I've talked too it seems to be the same in every unit.
    They really do want you to succeed! Good Luck to you! :]
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    I just walked to ----------- the HR guy and he said the program that was supposed to start in January is now pushed back to March....
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    Thanks for the update! Does that mean they are making calls already?

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