Little Company of Mary Torrance 2012 - page 7

Has anyone applied to or had an interview with LCOM for the upcoming cohort? It seems weird that I can't seem to find anything about their interview process on here except from like 2006.... Read More

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    Got a job offer in ICU!!! so excited!

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    congrats!!! what did they say about when u start?
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    Sept 10th :]
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    when did you hear the good news? I interviewed as well for the ICU...but haven't heard anything yet
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    Quote from jennyr2617

    I got the job offer for the ED as well
    Yay!!!! Congrats! Excited to meet you and everyone else!
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    Quote from californiarnbsn
    Got a job offer in ICU!!! so excited!
    Congrats! That's cool that you found out so quick.

    I think the med/surg ppl are all still waiting even though we interviewed before you.
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    Thank You! Yea I wasn't expecting to hear anything til Friday. Good Luck to everyone still waiting! I'm sure you'll hear back soon.
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    does anyone know if all job offers have been made for ICU and/or how many they're hiring?
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    I asked that in my interview and they said they would like to hire 4 into ICU.
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    Congrats new hires!!!

    I'm curious if they hire ADN&BSN...

    Please let me know...

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