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Hey was wondering if anyone got a phone call for John Muir New grad program in Walnut Creek??? Any insight into the process would much appreciated!!!... Read More

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    Just got the same call about 2 hours ago. It's so depressing! Job searching just feels so hopeless. I hope they open it back up sooon for those of us who had interviews/interviews scheduled. We need to keep our heads up! We will allll eventually get into something! I hope.

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    I literally feel numb right now. This too was my dream job and I have been preparing for weeks stressing over it! I have been putting my everything into this! Last week my initial screening interview was cancelled because of an emergency on their end and I was not told until after I got there and took the math test. Then I found out a few days later that i was scheduled for the panel interview tomorrow (thursday) so I changed my flight for the vacation that i was originally scheduled to leave for on this past sunday so that I could go to the interview (which cost me around an extra $160). Now less then 24 hours away from my interview I find out its cancelled! I dont even know what to do with myself. I don't know why they couldn't have figured this out sooner... I know all of you must be feeling depressed about this too. This is all so frustrating!
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    So sorry to hear all you new grads struggling out there; just breaks my heart. Please know that we floor nurses need your energy and your new blood and we miss you new grad hires. I've been nursing for almost two years now and have had my own very capable classmates still not land their first nursing job; I've had to support some very discouraged and depressed friends. I've also watched several new grads that have precepted on my unit just work so hard to land a job that never materialized even after everyone on our unit championed them. Stay strong, the wheels are starting to turn again. Volunteer, take classes, and consider moving farther afield.

    I too dreamt of working at JMMC one day. Came close to getting hired as a new grad a couple years ago, and then applied recently and had an amazing interview in my dream unit only to have my heart crushed. ------------ and all the other staff I talked with are all very kind; they have no control over censes, the economy or the decisions made by higher ups.

    I'm one of the lucky ones in that I work as an RN in another large Bay Area hospital BUT I live walking distance from the Walnut Creek campus and it just bothers me greatly that I am commuting to work at my chosen profession when I can walk to work if JMMC just hired me (I volunteered there for four years and did all my clinicals there and have letters of recommendation from their staff for crying out loud!).

    I really hate when I get called in at my work because my unit is understaffed and I rush in Bay Area traffic all while worrying after my peeps who are doing short; I hate driving by JMMC down Ygnacio every time I commute to work. I keep thinking if I were called in due to staffing at JMMC I could be there in five minutes minus the huge carbon footprint I'm making now.

    But it's not to be, so I've given up and since then new doors have opened up at the hospital where I've been working.

    So maybe this is not our path because we are meant to go on a different journey. Keep up your spirits; where one door closes another opens.

    Do something good for yourself to help you keep a good attitude. My job search became overwhelming for me at times and I just had to take a step back every now and then to recharge. It took me nearly a year after graduating to get my first nursing job and that was after doing an externship, a Mission trip, taking several classes, and getting certs in ACLS, EKG, Respiratory Skills. In the end, I was hired at my current hospital because my preceptor recommended me.

    Best Wishes to you all.
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    my heart sank when I got that call. I am still so sad! I know census has been so low that they closed two med-surg units temporary and ended up opening one of them back up but I know one of the two is still closed.

    This has been going on for months apparently...sigh...
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    Count yourselves lucky. The way I hear it, things have been spiraling at John Muir for almost a year and a half. Evidently, yesterday they announced to staff that they're going to be laying people off.

    I know jobs are hard to come by right now, but think about how the last class of new grads hired there feel now that they're looking at unemployment.
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    Wow, really? That's terrible and I can't imagine how that must feel.

    The Concord campus has their new grad program going on now...that started end of April. Maybe Concord is doing better compared to the Walnut Creek?

    Gosh, I am an internal and I guess this is a sign for me to start looking elsewhere!
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    The great irony is that while visiting this page, I see this at the top:

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    Wow, I just read all these posts and I am so taken back right now!! How awful this had to be for each and every one of you! I almost cried when I read the final posts. Still thinking of all my fellow new grads out there! I hope and pray things start to look up for us all before we become "old new grads". We do need to try to stay positive!
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