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Is anyone familiar with this new program, or know anyone who is currently in the first class? I'm finding mixed reviews about it online, and I just took their HESI exam today. I got a 91 overall, so I have a feeling that score... Read More

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    I took the Hesi already and I have the study guide if you're interested. There's many students that have taken it already as far as I know, and for advice I would say know your math really well, and practice many grammar exercises. As far as vocabulary you can study as much of that in the book, but some words are just out of nowhere. Try to do many reading comprehension as well. Good luck!

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    Hi ysa14! Thank you for writing me back. I have heard that there are A LOT of students applying/testing for this program. How many people tested with you? I am attending the seminar in a couple weeks and then hopefully testing at the end of the month. Do you mind me asking what you scored? I have so many questions but I know I should hold out for the seminar. Thanks again!!
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    Hi Lad22, did you attend the seminar already?
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    Hi ysa14, I am going this week.
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    Oh good. Are you trying to get in for the March quarter? How fun. I'll be on my third quarter this month.
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    Hi everyone! I am also going to the seminar this week. I'm so excited, but I really don't know what to expect. What exactly is this HESI exam and how can I prepare for it? I never realized the program was so competitive.
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    ysa14, I am trying for March. I'm crossing my fingers that I do well enough on the HESI. That is awesome that you are almost in your 3rd quarter! How are you liking it so far?

    Malaria36, the HESI exam is a math and english test that will determine the top 30 students and they sell a study guide at the campus that you will be able to purchase at the seminar. See you there!
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    Malaria36 and LAD22, good luck on your HESI exam.
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    I am in my 4th term of the ITT program and can say that it is a pretty good program. My first term made my entire cohort very skeptical, our instructor was horrible, the content was boring and we started when the program was going through some major changes, so we felt really anxious about what we had gotten ourselves into. Luckily my last 2 terms really assured me that this program really had some great instructors that care about us as future RN's and students and not just a paycheck. Just because this is a for-profit school that seems much easier to get into, it is not easy by any means. I am a mom and working full time and struggling to keep up. The only thing saving me is that I had so many classes transfer in. There is no way I could handle taking a full load each term because it's intense. Each term we seem to loose 5 or so students and gain students from the cohort ahead of us because you have to pass with a B and the classes are very difficult. I say go for it, but expect to devote all your time to the program, you will get out what you put in.
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    Anyone here that has gone to the information session tell me as far as transfer or pre-reqs how that works.

    I spoke with a rep today on the phone and she says she belives they only accept grades of "B" or better? I have completed almost all of my prereqs however in my early years I was not the best student so I have my share of C's. The idea of starting over is not appealing.

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