Is anyone here in the ADN program at Ventura College, in CA? (m) - page 2

Hi! I'm new here! I'm going to be starting my prereq's this summer...hopefully I'll only have to take chem, micro, and A&P (and CNA training), I'm crossing my fingers that the other classes I took... Read More

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    Hi there!

    I'm not sure if CNA is a requirement for all nursing programs in Sol Cal, but up here in No. Cal, it is not. Our ADN programs do not require it, and neither does the program I'm in (BSN at Chico State).

    What I do know is the I wish I had a CNA before starting the program. I might have been less FREAKED over the first patient care day. If you have the time, it's a good idea!

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    Hi everyone. I'm at Cypress College, CA and we don't have to be a CNA first to become an RN or LVN. Thanks for the info on ADN, I feel stupid that I didn't figure that one out for myself :0 Heather

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