Interviewing...When they say that HR will call you...

  1. Hi Out there. I have been on several interviews and they seem to go well especially when you get an hour interview you think things are going well, but then they say HR will contact you. What does this mean??? Is this the proverbial NO??? It is very frustrating.....what are your thoughts.....trying to stay positive........

    thanks everyone.....
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  3. by   peonie
    I don't have personal experience with this, but since HR handles all new hire paperwork, I wouldn't freak out just yet. Good luck and relax!
  4. by   everyday6/12
    thanks that is so encouraging.....I am freaking out because I have been on many interviews and it feels so hard out there....I am in California and it is tough beans out here.....
  5. by   Meriwhen
    Sometimes "HR will contact you" means that HR will contact you Seriously...HR is usually the one who extends the official offer.

    Hang in there!
  6. by   perioddrama
    Hang in there. Just remember, at least you are getting interviewed. Lots of new grads can't even get past HR, despite being full of awesome-ness on their resume/paper.

    Good Luck
  7. by   hkrntobe
    I'm in the same boat. i even sent a Thank You e-mail and received a response back "My Pleasure" However, I have't received the call yet. How about you? Have you gotten the official word yet?
  8. by   Nurseadam
    did she offer you a job or she just said HR will contact you?
  9. by   hkrntobe
    I received the call just tonight! The offer letter will be in Monday or Tuesday!
  10. by   karrie8o3
    Yay!! Congratulations!!
  11. by   etoile88
    aw congrats, it's an awesome feeling!
  12. by   lostjob
    In my case it was a sad no.....Didnt get the job!!!
  13. by   Swentyonegunsalute
    Hi all!

    I just interviewed for a position last Friday and I got the response "We will not be the ones to contact you, HR will contact you." I then asked how long that would be and they told me two to three weeks. So far its been one week and I have not heard anything. Keeping my fingers crossed!
  14. by   Tracey0529
    Im going through the same thing! Sigh!