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Hi everyone! Listen I am currently a student at Chaffey College. I am almost done with all of my pre-reqs and can apply to my schools nursing program in the Spring of 2012. Currently I have heard that there are around 200... Read More

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    The waiting at Ventura College is not long at all. They have probably the best nursing instructors in the nation.
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    San Diego County Community Colleges no longer have the wait list. They go by points now so if you get good grades then you get in.
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    A lot of the Southbay area schools dont have waitlists anymore either. L.A. Harbor College & L.A. Southwest College for sure. El Camino (both the compton & torrance location), and Rio Hondo College just to name a couple. It just depends on how far you're willing to travel. Most schools are based on the point system, and some are lottery based (if you meet the minimum requirements). I just got into Harbor and started the Spring 2011 term. It was based on the lottery and it was my first time applying. So its possible to get into a school without waiting FOREVER or paying so much $$$$$$. Goodluck and i wish you the best =)
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    Most of the community colleges I was interested in applying to don't do a waitlist and just do a lottery. For example Glendale Community College and Valley College. I have 2 friends that got in on their first try.

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