I need help finding a local/affordable LVN school

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    I have been searching online for weeks now, I have still haven't been able to find a local/affordable LVN school near me. I live in the 91320 area and most schools near me (within a 30 min drive) are all private, so they are all at least $28,000 tuition. I am 24 years old with a bunch school loans, I cannot afford to take out that much more in loans. My goal is to get my LVN, then go to school for my RN/BSN while working as an LVN.

    Any advice?

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    "91320 area"

    and where is that?
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    Ventura County
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    I would check any sort of public schools. There is one near me, its a small public school that offered LPN as well as other programs like Automotive, cosmetology etc. I'm sure it was not more than a few thousand. It was good too. I passed the boards on my first try.
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    I'm not in the Ventura County area, so I wouldn't be able to name specific schools, but go to the bvnpt website for a complete list of all approved LVN schools in CA. Look for the community colleges and adult schools in your area and inquire about their programs. I went to an adult school for my LVN and paid less than $5000 for the whole program.

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