i need a good classroom based review center

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    i graduated nov2005 ... and i have failed the nclex rn once ... i was scared to take it again ... but now i want to give it another try, i know it's been a while and i feel like i have forgotten everything i've learned from nursing school ... i am lloking for a good classroom based review, because i don't really do well with self study and reading books ... i am better in absorbing information through classroom lectures ... are there any good review centers near los angeles county ... i live in canoga park, valley area ... thanks

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    Personally, I would tell you to try my program that is posted under the NCLEX Forum.
    I have issues with quite a few of these so-called review programs, that have new grads teaching them that have never worked as an RN in the hospital setting here. And we are seeing more and more of it.

    There is no reason that you cannot get thru this exam. Best of luck to you.
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    is there a fee for your program? i only have the saunders 3rd edition ... will it still work with the 3rd edition?

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