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So I just so happen to call AVC and they tell me "your number 37, and starting in spring!" OMG! So instead of fall 2013....I'm going to start Spring 2013!! I'm so excited!! Anyone else starting spring 2013?! I've been on the... Read More

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    I was accepted for spring '13 too! I'm trying to get the drug test going but every clinic/Kaiser is telling me I need a certain form that has a carbon copy. Does anyone know about this?
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    I went to Kaiser and they didnt tell me anything about a carbon copy. I went to the Kaiser in Valencia.
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    Congratulations to all of you who made it in! Can you tell me how long you had to wait? I applied in September and was told I was #150. I can't wait to get in!
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    I received my packet & am IN for Spring 2013. I applied before Christmas break in 2011 & found out in Feb that I was #136. By Sept I was #64 (& that's the last I heard before getting in).

    Congrats to everyone else who is in for Spring!
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    Got my packet!!! It's getting really exciting now!!! Question- does anyone plan to work while they're enrolled?? I'm hoping I'll be able to work a few shifts a week and still have enough time to study. Has anyone heard about how difficult the program is? The book list is insane!!! I see lots of late nights and a serious caffeine addiction in my near future!!
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    Hey! Happy for you! I don't plan to work but I am tempted to work for a couple days, maybe 2 8 hour shifts. Yes I agree when I saw the book list I was like holy cow! Lol I haven't heard how hard it is but I can imagine it's not too easy but we can do it!!!
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    Congratz to all of you guys!! All of your hard work has paid off for you to have been accepted into the nursing program. I'm getting pinned this Sunday from Antelope Valley College Nursing Program!!! It has been a long hard journey but all of you can do it! Goodluck
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    Congratulations Adia!! Good luck in the field!! What was you're overall experience like? What did you find to be the most difficult/easiest about the program? Were there a lot of drop-outs? Any advice for us newbies would be greatly appreciated!!
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    Thank you Vonjo27 . My over all experience is that it was tough and took a lot of hard work and dedication. With that being said it is doable. You will have to scarifice your time and devote it to studying. I believe what makes the program difficult is not the material it self but the lack of time to learn and retain all of it.
    First semester was the hardest for me because its like a culture shock. All of this new information and how you will need to apply it. Also test taking is totally different because questions asked will be all critical thinking in format. The easiest part for me came in 3rd semester.
    Advice I can give is to read but to also pay attention to your powerpoints know them well. Keep yourself organized and stay on top of your assignments. Their will come a point when you will doubt yourself and feel the urge to give up but push through. Dont forget to take time out for yourself and relax. You too will survive nursing school!
    My first semester we started with about 70 and lost 10 people.
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    Thanks for the advice!!! 10 out of 70 is still sad, but I was actually expecting the number to higher. I plan on being one of the lucky 60 that pushes through! Another question- at what point do students start interacting with patients? Where are the clinicals? Are they all at Palmdale Medical Center? Sorry for all the questions- I'm just getting real antsy. Were there many males in the program when you were studying? I'm hoping I'm not the only one!!

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