I applied to Saddleback, Golden West, Long Beach City, Cerritos, Rio Hondo, & Citrus

  1. 0 I am applying to 6 schools in the Orange County area this Spring 2012. I am applying for the Fall 2012 or Spring 2013 cohorts. I applied to Saddleback (first choice), Golden West, Long Beach City, Cerritos, Rio Hondo, and Citrus College. I applied to as many as I could find that I can drive to from my city. I know that none of us can be picky anymore as to where we go. I would love SB but I know that I may not even get into one of these schools my first try. I was curious if there were any others in Orange County who applied to these schools. Most threads about these schools are from two or more years ago. I wanted to spark up the convo again.

    What GPA do you have?
    What was your TEAS 5 score?
    How many times have we applied?
    Any feedback on schools?

    Looking forward to hearing from everyone and GOOD LUCK TO US ALL!!!!!!!!!!
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    Moved to CA Nursing Programs for better response.
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    same here 6 application but not
    saddleback. / my first choice is rio hondo.my last is pasadena.
    science = 4 .00
    overal 3.71
    no teas exam

    what gpa do you have?
    what was your teas 5 score?
    how many times have we applied?
    any feedback on schools?
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    I applied to Rio Hondo and Cerritos too. I live by Culver City so that's as far East as I'm willing to drive. But I applied to other schools closer to me.

    My core science GPA is 4.0, and I'm eagerly awaiting my TEAS V results (took it last week).

    I'll go anywhere I get in! But my top choices are PCC and LA County School of Nursing.

    This is my first application cycle and even though the odds are not in my favor, I really hope I get in somewhere if not for the mere fact that I can't do this all over again. It's been stressful!
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    Santa monica, goldenwest, cerritos, la harbor, la southwest, lattc, elac, glendale, chaffey.

    Gpa: 3.75
    teas v: 72.

    Good luck to all of us.
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    Just curious, did you apply to ELAC for Fall '12? When did you submit your application? I'm just wondering because I wanted to apply there but they told me they weren't taking applications for the fall. :-(
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    hi willowita,

    Really? Last week, I spoke to someone there. They said that I should check back on the website on March for fall 2012. Ima call them next wk tho.
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    So i called, and someone there told me that they do NOT take application for THIS YEAR. they had lists for Fall 12 and Spring 13 already. We need to check back next year?!?! for Fall 2013, Spring 2014.. Im like : why did they say we should check back for early 2012...
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    I know! Their website had the same message for months. Check back in early 2012. I wonder when they opened up the applications for Fall 2012. Sounds like maybe last year? Guess I'll cross them off my possible schools.
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    What is ElAC?
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    East Los Angeles College
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    Did you guys hear anything from cerritos, lattc, la southwest, glendale, santa monica, la harbor yet?
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    Nothing from cerritos or la harbor. All I got from glendale was a letter letting me know they have my application.

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