I applied to Saddleback, Golden West, Long Beach City, Cerritos, Rio Hondo, & Citrus - page 4

I am applying to 6 schools in the Orange County area this Spring 2012. I am applying for the Fall 2012 or Spring 2013 cohorts. I applied to Saddleback (first choice), Golden West, Long Beach City,... Read More

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    Thank you Cerritos is 8-10 minutes away. RH is 20 min( from my house).
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    8-10 mins??? you're so LUCKY !!!! u will save alot of money for gas and especially TIME, hahha. iF I WERE YOU, i would choose CERRITOS ... (no doubt !!) :d
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    Has anyone heard from SB yet?
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    "glendale, they will mail out the teas v invites around mid may"

    i actually got a teas invitation from glendale at the end of april. the date on the letter said april 18/2012.
    the teas date is - may 10 or may 8 .
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    Hello Vadon I know this is way late, but I am in your predicatament you were in last year. I am luck yto be able to choose which school to go to either Rio or Cerritos. The main thing is that if I choose Rio I will start in their Summer term, and if I choose Cerritos I will start in their Spring 2014 term. I am stuck!! I was wondering which school you chose, why you chose that school, and how do you like your decision choice? Any advice or info would help me out A LOT considering I need to make a choice soon before my spot at Rio is given up.
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    I was supposed to attach this to my last message lol

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