I applied to Saddleback, Golden West, Long Beach City, Cerritos, Rio Hondo, & Citrus - page 3

I am applying to 6 schools in the Orange County area this Spring 2012. I am applying for the Fall 2012 or Spring 2013 cohorts. I applied to Saddleback (first choice), Golden West, Long Beach City,... Read More

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    Yes I got it today .

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    [font=times]oh my goodness, i haven't heard anything from cerritos yet. hopefully in the next few days?....

    vadon, did you send them your teas score before you got the letter?
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    I just called Cerritos, and they said they sent out letter last Thursday, and Friday, and today they will cont. sending out letters to alternates. she checked my no. It was .389/ 600 apllication. I was like... OKIE! lol I HATE LOTTERY SO MUCH !
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    I'll probably give up my spot in Cerritos. I have 2 more weeks to decide RH vs Cerritos . Any help making that decision???
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    both schools are amazing !! I love Rio Hondo campus, Cerritos is Okay, kinda older. But the most important thing is which one is closer to your home? You have to deal with the traffic for next two years. Do not waste your time driving, instead of studying, or doing research while you're in nursing school. 1-2 hours driving is not funny at all. just my 2cents

    Congrats to you again
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    I got my Cerritos acceptance letter last week pending I pass the TEAS exam with 62% or higher.
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    Thank you Cerritos is 8-10 minutes away. RH is 20 min( from my house).
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    8-10 mins??? you're so LUCKY !!!! u will save alot of money for gas and especially TIME, hahha. iF I WERE YOU, i would choose CERRITOS ... (no doubt !!) :d
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    Has anyone heard from SB yet?
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    "glendale, they will mail out the teas v invites around mid may"

    i actually got a teas invitation from glendale at the end of april. the date on the letter said april 18/2012.
    the teas date is - may 10 or may 8 .

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