how many days until you can see your license online after taking the nclex

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    because the 7 week wait time for them to mail results is unbearable

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    4 days i saw my name in the nursing website and got my license a week after my exam. They say that it depend what country are you at. Good luck...
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    The time varies from person to person. Just keep looking. Good luck.
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    Mine took 6 days to show but my license took forEVER to show up. I think it was 7 or 8 weeks or so. Some of my classmates had theirs show up online just 2 days after testing and others had to wait about 2 weeks
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    If you took NCLEX-PN, your license number will not appear online until after you have mailed the California BVNPT a copy of your results with a $150 check (the price may or may not have increased). Your license number will appear online soon after they cash the check.

    If you took NCLEX-RN, the California BRN will post your license number within a few days to a few weeks. I know that this is a wide time frame.

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