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Hi guys, I wanted to start a thread on the Hollywood Presbyterian RN Residency Program, so we can keep each other updated. The start date for the program is March 4. Good luck to all that applied. Any info about Hollywood... Read More

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    Anybody else hear anything?? Howd your interview go Miyaluv?

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    No word yet how was the interview Friday??? Hope all went well!
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    I think they are still interviewing this week and will probably make the decision sometime next week. But I have no other updates...
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    So there is a SMALL possibilty we could hear something this week haha? Or if they want to interview more candidates possibly which happens a lot.
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    Has anyone heard anything ? This is killing me ...
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    Oops sorry, posted twice. Ha!
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    Nope :/ I'm thinking they didn't have too many openings.
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    I had an interview last week but haven't heard anything yet =/ still waiting...

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