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  1. Hey everyone!!

    So, I am relocating to California soon, and landed a job working at hoag hospital in the ER

    Currently, I work in a Level I Trauma center here in metro Detroit, and see all sorts of populations, to very wealthy to living on the streets, along with all the ailments that go along with those lifestyles.

    It is a very large hospital (over 1400 beds or so) and our ER is approx 136 beds. Pretty darn big! I get an average of 8 patients at a time, and get one tech to myself that helps with blood draws, ECGs, etc.

    Hoag newport to me seems much, much, much more mellow. Granted, they do appear to be quite a busy ER.

    I guess a main question I have is has any of you worked there, specifically in the ER? Know anybody who has?

    Did they like it? Was the staff friendly? Was it a good patient population? I cant help but keep thinking it is going to be all SUPER rich people that are demanding and in a rush to get out of there. (Foundation members if you will), I always tend to butt heads with these people as many (not all) are used to being demanding and impatient (in my expierence here at least).

    Any insight ANYONE has is MUCH appreciated! Thanks!
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  3. by   Mrs.Hyder
    Hey there.

    I've not worked at Hoag since I'm still in school but I live in Newport and have volunteered and been a patient at Hoag. Ritzy peeps are not the only ones that frequent the hospital. Hoag is on the border of Newport and Costa Mesa. Costa Mesa probably has the largest homeless population in Orange County and the homeless peeps are at the hospital a lot. As a patient, Hoag is the ONLY hospital I've ever been to that is good at making you feel like your turn is coming in the ER so the patients seem to be somewhat at ease while they are waiting. The staff is so friendly at Hoag that after I gave birth to my twins I was compelled to volunteer.
    Also, they might have told you but just in case they did not, there is no smoking anywhere at Hoag (not even in the parking lot). If you're a smoker you have to walk out to the main street.

    Good Luck and Welcome to California!
  4. by   perioddrama
    My clinical instructor works at Hoag in the ER. She loves it there. The only thing I remember her saying that was kind of cool was that each different staff type has different color scrubs, which is a good thing. So RNs can only wear such and such color, CNAs can wear such and such color... that really helps differentiate the different staff members (especially in emergency situations).

    Welcome to Southern California!
  5. by   AMAC8487
    ahh yah i guess I never thought about all the inner cities that come in to the hospital. I am so used to workin in a LARG hospital that I am used to people coming from all over the place, that I figured a smaller hospital would be more local... but being one of the biggest in orange county, I guess it makes sense

    From everything I have read about the place has been excellent.. it seems the patients really like it there which is a rarity to me. Most people HATE hospitals lol

    The few people I met there were SUPER nice... It was really welcoming when I went and visited

    Whew.. Such a long haul, 3000 miles away from family and friends... but it just may be worth it