Help! I hate LVN school...

  1. I'm in an accelerated LVN school in California. It's only the second month. And I hate it. Not so much the material, but the schedule, the people, the school, the hour drive there and back. I'm so tired all the time. I look for days which I can take the day off, even though I have to make up the hours. I hate driving there. I hate being there. But I need to be there because I need to make a living, etc. I do like nursing, but I'm hating nursing school. Every day, I cry and *****. I'm driving my mom crazy. I'm turning into a whining terrible monster at home. I'm so depressed, sad and miserable... even though I'm getting A's in classes. Academically, no problem. But everything else sucks donkey balls. I need some advice. I'm in California, and the number one reason I'm doing this is so I can have a good profession when I move to New York next year after I graduate.

    Advice on how to survive? I'm tempted to quit every single week... hell, every single day. Oh, did I mention... I haven't even started clinicals yet...
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  3. by   loriangel14
    Nursing school is like nothing else you will ever do.Give it some time and hopefully you will adjust.Are you really doing this just for the money? Nursing can be tough even if it something you are passionate about.Maybe you are doing it for the wrong reasons.How old are you? Are you living at home?If you are make the most of it. Many people are doing the NS thing while juggling kids and taking care of a home.

    Let us know how things are going.We have/are experiencing the same things you are.Tell us specifically what you are struggling with and maybe we can help.
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  4. by   libran1984
    man... and just wait til you get ur hard-earned license and then so many ppl go back and forth asking you "when are u going to get your RN?"


    Sorry, not terribly funny but the world will often make one feel like you should just go back to school and re-live all of this over again!!

    My only advice is to try and take pride knowing you probably beat out hundreds of other applicants and proved to everyone that you're smart enough to make it into school, now you have to be persistent enough to finish!