Help find new-grad program in los angeles california

  1. Hi guys if anybody knows for new-grad RN program in Los Angeles California please let me know, I got my License almost 4 months and I can't find any job, I volunteer in hospital but I need a job, please I need help thank you for any information!!!
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  3. by   JustBeachyNurse
    Thread moved to California Nursing forum to elicit further response.

    Are you a newly licensed nurse or a new graduate? There is a difference. If you did not graduate within the past 6-12 months from a professional nursing program (RN program) then you are not considered a new grad. One is also not considered a new grad if they have worked as a licensed nurse even for a short time whether in the US or another country.
  4. by   dah doh
    Unfortunately, my hospital has hired all the new grads for this winter already because they have already started. We usually run 2 new grad programs per year. The summer session starts at the end of summer. Applications are usually accepted all year round though. Have you checked to see which SoCal hospitals have new grad programs and applied for all of them? Does the place you currently volunteer at have a new grad program? The job market is horrible right now; have you considered relocating?
  5. by   Zazak
    I graduate 4 months ago and I have ADN and which hospital has new great program there are asking for BSN, so I am Disappointed and I don't know what to do!
  6. by   JustBeachyNurse
    Most new grad programs are now limited to those with a BSN, sorry. (And this isn't only in California but a trend across the nation)
  7. by   Chrissybear
    Have you had any luck? I am also looking for a new grad program in Los Angeles.
  8. by   nownlater322
    I also am. I graduated 3 months ago with my BSN. Any suggestions for new grad positions?