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Does anyone know where I can take a Healthcare Essentials course in San Diego? I have to take this class to meet all my pre-reqs for any public LVN program in the area, and I just can't find any HCE courses. If you know of one... Read More

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    poway adult just took over the cna class,about 2 years ago. the class was ran by poway rop. and they added healthcare essentials since the change.
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    hello! i need help! i am new to san diego, and i am applying for the lvn program at at san diego city college, i already have my cna certificate and license,but the the heck is a health essential course?
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    Hello Grimez,

    The Healthcare Essentials course is a required course in order to gain acceptance into the LVN program at SDCC. You can take this class at either National Citu Adult School, or Grossmont Health Occupations Center. Post a reply if you need more information.
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    Okay so how long does this Course take to complete and how much does it cost at grossmont health occupational center?
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    Here's what Grossmont Health Occupations posted on their website regarding the course. You might find this information helpful. I hope it answers your question.

    *Healthcare Essentials - $40
    This introductory course includes an overview of medical terminology, body structure and functions, and information and strategies for a smooth transition into other healthcare courses and careers. Healthcare Essentials is a prerequisite for Nurse Assistant, Vocational Nursing, Medical Assistant, Pharmacy Technician courses, and Medical lab Assistant/Phlebotomy.

    M/W 8:30 am -12:00 pm 8/16 12/13 Shields, L.
    M/W 6:00 pm - 9:30 pm 8/16 12/13 Palmer, R.
    T/Th 6:00 pm - 9:30 pm 8/17 12/14 Downing, B
    F 8:30 am - 3:00 pm 8/20 12/17 Curl, C.
    S 8:30 am - 3:00 pm 8/21 12/18 Brennan, E.
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    hello. i know i'm a little late in response to this post, but i'm trying to get into healthcare essentials & grossmont & national city are full.. i read the earlier posts about what time people go in on registration day to make sure they get a spot, but what's a time to get there so that i can absolutely get a spot? 3am? 5am? &i'm planning on going to grossmont, i just don't want to show up at 3am & camp out.. & NOT get a spot. thank you.
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    FYI, Poway ROP's CNA course is only $875.00 now.
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    Poway's CNA program is top notch - Mr. Tom is the best instructor ever!!
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    There are 2 classes in Escondido Adulr school.
    T/Th 1/24-4/26 6-9pm $250
    T/Th 1/17-5/10 9-12N $250
    I already registered. The classes need to have 15 students to open.
    Go try! Thanks!