has anyone heard from LLU for Fall 2013???

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    I was wondering when LLU will be inviting their applicants for an interview? Anyone who has been accepted, can you let me know the time frame of when the interview is and when you will be accepted for Fall? Thank you!!

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    Hi there! I'm also wondering about that, I applied for the Fall 2013 term as well. It is so nerve wracking!!
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    It is nerve wrecking! My pre-requisite gpa is 3.6, teas score 78, and critical thinking 22. If you don't mind me asking, what are your stats?
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    You did great compared to me!I believe I got a 16 or 17 on my critical thinking, I had 10 left and I didn't answer them I spent too much time on all the rest, I just over analyzed everything, and the teas I did horrible I got a 72 =/. I asked If I needed to retake them, and the lady in the front said I' m perfectly fine, that they want over a 66 and 55 in the individual subjects. So far my gpa is 3.2, I'm currently in Organic Chem, Micro, and English1B which is the last segment of English. I have B's in those currently so I'm hoping If I maintain that or better, it will boost me up overall. The only C I got has been in Physics =/... I'm in RCC how about yourself? Did you apply to other schools?
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    You know, I've heard so many different things. Like from mutual friends, that their friends have gotten in with either 4.0's and others 3.0 So I honestly do not know!! Where I used to work, alot of LL nursing students would come in and I would ask them do you really need a solid 4.0 to get in, they all said no that was a huge lie, alot of them had C's in their sciences, and they all got in. So I don't know if the teas has anything to do with it, or just simply if they like you or not. Based of what I heard, it really all comes down in your interview...It is extremely nerve wracking!!
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    I think other schools like Cal States only look at stats. As if you're nothing but a number? Lol but LLU has essays and a personal interview which gives you a chance to present yourself. I think Fall is the most difficult to get in but if I don't get in Fall, then I will apply for Winter. Loma Linda is the only school I am applying to. By the way, you did great on your critical thinking. The first time I took it, I got an 11! I cried! So I took time and bought a critical thinking book and did way better. Also, I don't think it'll hurt to re-take the TEAS even though you did great on your first try! I got a 68 my first time.
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    That is true, I knew one of the nursing coordinators from Cal State San Ber. She was a regular at my work, and just by what she said, she made it clear you have to kiss butt in order to get in well at those at Cal state. My bf's sister's best friend and twin brother barley made it in their program with a 3.7. So yes I believe you when they say they make you feel like just a number. Thats why LL is the only school I applied to, despite the cost, I really believe in what they stand for, and have just heard nothing but great things from them and the nursing department. Plus they are alot of ways to make the cost not that difficult, there's tons of loan forgiveness programs. It's just a matter of investigating lol. Well what school are you coming from, also do you have any volunteer hours from a hospital? I'm barley starting the orientation process at Arrowhead Regional in Colton...
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    I went to CSUSB for two years and took pre-reqs for LLU. I got discouraged by CSUSB and didn't bother applying for their nursing program. One of my instructors, Dr. Pederson kind of struck it in a nice way that my chances of getting in CSUSB nursing program was very slim. So, I just focused on LLU. It seems like an endless journey. Even though LLU is pricey, I'd be so proud to get my BSN from this prestigious school.

    I did volunteer work at Kaiser but it was in LA so I didn't get many hours. Now, I am doing volunteer work at a retirement home. I just wish we knew when to expect the interview. I am hoping someone who did get accepted last year for Fall would give some advice....=/
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    I feel the same way, going to llu would be such an honor! I really do not think I have a shot for any Cal State nursing program, but hearing these stories of students getting in llu with scores like mine give me such a tremendous amount of hope. I calulated my scores and I do not even qualify for RCC's program, and they only offer an associates. I hear the cut off is at 75 points. (They go by 100 points) I only cap out at 70 =/.. They only accept a first TEAS attempt so scoring 72 brings down my points, and the fact the majority of my grades have been B's with a few A's here and there, and 2 C's one in Physics and one in a Ethics class, Im like at the average minimum. It's frustrating, it's been such a long journey school does feel never ending. I graduated hs in 2009, been in school since that summer, and barley now I'm finishing up. Same here, I wanna be able to talk to more alumni, so far from what I read here , people have LOVED it!
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    When did you send in your app? By the priority date, or the regular date March 31st? Mine was completed before the priority date, but took my teas/critical thinking after the priority date. I had to re schedule since I got a bad flu that week of originally taking it. I wonder if submitting your app on either times makes a difference or not. Do you anyone who has applied and heard anything?

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