Giving up on California

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    I've been out of school now for over 8 months and have sent out, at the very least, over 175 applications; have had 4 interviews and more rejections than I can count.

    I just don't believe California wants us newly graduated nurses. I have started sending applications out of this state and with in 1 day have already set up an interview... it took me more than 3 months to get my very first interview here in California and they didn't even bother to call me back to let me know I didn't get the position...

    I love California and will forever be a Cali girl... but in order to be a nurse I need to go... . Some day I hope to return with over a year experience under my belt... then they'll be knocking down my door
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    Good luck to you!

    California is my home state and I moved away nearly 7 years ago. Although I now have more than 6 years of nursing experience in another state, I have been unable to return to CA due to no firm job offers there.
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    i am in the same position (graduated december 2011). passed my nclex at the end of january and have been applying for jobs ever since. i've sent out about 100 applications with 3 interviews so far (2 in california, 1 out of state). i am curious what state you applied you where you got an interview within 1 day?
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    Sometimes try for the rural areas in CA where you wouldn't imagine going, they hire new grads to train in hopes they would stay there.
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    I'm in the same position. Want to start looking out of state (CA) but have no clue where to begin. Any advice appreciated.
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    AZ hiring new nurses for phoenix childrens hospital. Good luck.
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    The new grad market is horrible so I don't blame anyone who has to move for that experience.

    One thing year's experience isn't going to be enough to get them knocking on your door. Most hospitals prefer 2+ years (mine definitely does, and it's one of the largest chains in CA). So when you hit your first year definitely start applying for stuff back in CA, but do not quit your other job and move back without an official job offer in hand.

    Best of luck!
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    I've been applying in the Midwest: Ohio, Indiana, Missouri. I've also read that Virginia, North/South Dakotas, Florida, Texas, Arizona are also all hiring (I've been applying there too).

    Once I find a state that seems to be hiring a lot, I do a general search for hospitals in that state then spend the day checking them out to see if they are hiring new grads or nurses with no experience. That would be my other bit of advice don't just look for new grad jobs look for anyting that says you don't really need experience.

    Missouri was where I got an interview a day after I applied... I have the phone interview today and will be practically begging for the job...

    I also love i do a general search for new grad positions but don't put anything for the state... you can get a feel for which states are hiring that way...

    Best of luck for all!
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    If you're interested in moving, Virginia (specifically UVA) has a bunch of new grad positions open in pretty much all of their units. I'm originally from California but took a job out here. They also hire new grads into their ICU's and ED (so if you're looking for critical care / emergency) it might be worth checking out UVA.

    Keep in mind, northern Virginia will be more difficult to find jobs (closer to DC).
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    Good decision! New grad jobs are hard to come by in CA. Moving out of state and then moving back once you get a solid job offer is the way to go IMHO. I've known several new grads with previous experience in healthcare that could not find a job locallly but landed excellent jobs out of state. (one in Georgia, since you didn't mention that state)

    Good luck and keep us posted!

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