Fountain Valley Regional Hospital Versant 2012

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    I was just wondering if anyone else made it to the panel interview this week for the Versant Residency at Fountain Valley. I had mine on Friday and I have been analyzing everything I said in the interview since then - lol. Here's a sample of my thought process so far:

    **Friday morning (pre-interview): I can do this! I am awsome, strong, professional mature, and educated. Let's do this!

    **Friday afternoon (post interview): I did it! I was kind of awesome, fairly strong, mostly professional, still mature but I think I lost a few brain cells.. my odds are still pretty good.

    **Saturday: I still feel okay about the interview. I know there are some questions I could have answered better, but I was nervous. My odds are 50/50.

    **Sunday: I'm focused in on all the things I could have done better...can't remember if my posture was good (maybe)? Is it wrong to cross my legs? I had to have a cue card for the questions I wanted to ask. My odds are 60/40 (not in my favor)

    **Monday: OMG! I'm going nuts!! Now I have to answer to the nurse manager for Transitions (a non-paid residency in L&D - same hospital) and I have no idea which way the pendulum is going to swing on the Versant interview...Yikes. is it too soon to press for an answer (probably). ***Breathe** What if I lose out on both?? (My odds are 80/20)

    **Tuesday morning: I am going to die old an umemployed. My headstone will say "At least she passed the NCLEX" - lol

    Really though, I felt that it went well but 30 other applicants could do just as well.

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    I just had mine this morning. They told me next week is when they will let people know because they are finishing interviews this week. Good luck!
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    Hi jadedjane,

    I have my interview tomorrow. I was wondering what kind of questions do they ask at the panel interview? I'm really nervous. Is it clinical or personality type of questions? Any advice would be great. I know I'm messaging you last minute. I hope you can answer tonight.
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    Has anyone heard anything? I just got a call yesterday about panel interviews.
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    Has anyone received a call from the nurse recruiter yet about offers?

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