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just to share my sentiments and ask some opinions. i'm a foreign graduate nurse in orange county. i passed my nclex exam last august 2011. entering the world of unemployment is so harsh, especially... Read More

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    They said Texas and North Dakota hires a lot of nurses without experience but since I'm married, relocation is not an option. For my fellow foreign nurses try to recall some friends and acquaintances that is working in nursing field. They might be able to recommend you. I've than that though but they just give me advises that I already know. I have a classmate that got into SNF because her father knows a worker on that facility and my friend got hired and trained even without experience as an RN in the foreign country. This is not "what you know" but "who you know" nowadays.

    Did anyone of you tried to apply in staffing agency? Some of them accept nursing experience overseas. I got accepted once in staffing agency but I back out. The thought of just sending me to a hospital without any orientation make me scared because I'm putting my license on the line. Since the practice here and in the country where I came from is so far different. I'm not confident that I would be able to do the job. They are some equipment that I'm not familiar with. The electronic charting which I haven't tried even once. I'm only confident in IV insertion and some of the nursing procedures.

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    A lot of hospitals, including those in California, have stopped sponsoring foreign nurses. Sutter in California is about the largest that has stopped sponsoring that I know of ...
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    I just found this while I am trying to see if I am alone on this dilemma :***:
    Well I guess this battle is still on..I don't know where to start, as new grad RN or an RN with just over a year of experience...
    I am as well a foreign trained nurse and all you said is TRUE...from the diff between PH healthcare system with US, the high end equipment and of cors the Language...aghhh
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    Hi I m also a foreign graduate just got CA RN license and don't know where to start any thoughts would be appreciated?? Although do have overseas 6years experience in OR.

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