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Hello everyone. My name is Cortney, I'm 31 and from Sacramento, CA. I found out last week (on my birthday!) that I was finally accepted into ARC's nursing program!! I applied 7 times= 3.5 years waiting. I will start in January... Read More

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    It's official, I received my rejection email from ARC's nursing program last night.

    But good luck and best wishes to everyone who got in

    Cortney - I took the TEAS test couple months ago so let me know if you need some tips There is also great advice about the TEAS on allnurses.

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    Hi Cortney, Congratulations! I'm a first semester nursing student at ARC. Like you, I waited 7 semesters before I got in. Please PM me if you have any questions. I will probably see you during the orientation Welcome...
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    I also received my letter of rejection from ARC yesterday. A disappointment, to be sure, but not surprising. This was my third consecutive application to ARC. I’ll try again for fall, 2013… maybe I’ll get lucky.

    I took a look at the new multi-selection criteria that they will be using starting for the fall, 2013 applicants. They will only be selecting from the top 30% of applicants, which is a bit disconcerting, but it is what it is...

    I’ve been on the wait list for Napa since fall, 2011. I was hoping to be accepted at Napa by fall, 2013, but I’m still in the 200’s on the wait list, so I’m not too optimistic about it. I’m not getting discouraged, it’s just somewhat frustrating to spend a lot of time getting the prerequisites done only to have to wait 2-3 years to get in somewhere. As Tom Petty said, “The waiting is the hardest part.”

    Congratulations on your acceptance, Courtney ! I hope you will fill us in on how the program is going for you once you start.
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    My friends that applied to ARC got their rejection letters as well. It does seem like all the acceptance letters go out a week before the rejection letters. Good luck to everyone still trying to get in. Like I said, this was my first semester applying to ANY nursing program and I got into Samuel Merritt first try. If you girls are sick of waiting, maybe you should consider SMU Good luck!!1
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    Greetings and my congratulations to you on your recent acceptance to ARC Nursing Program.Thank you for all your insights as you have shared your jouney as you waited , I must say, a long time to get in. Please post your comments again for all of us to read and how you are making a progress. Good Luck on your TEAS Test, and be blessed.
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    Hello everyone! I realized I havent updated this in a while. Thank you "studentnurseca" for reminding me!

    Well, I took the TEAS at the end of Nov. and passed... definitely didnt get the score I would of liked, but I passed and thats all that really mattered. It was much harder than I thought it was going to be... the science portion killed me. Much more chemistry than I expected. I practiced for 3 weeks with the TEAS study guide and also the McGraw Hill TEAS practice tests book. Years ago I took the TEAS 4 thinking I would get into the program sooner than I did and, in my opinion, the TEAS 4 was way easier.

    I was so relieved once it was over this time. Then they made us wait 2 hours for our results online. Those 2 hours were brutal!!

    So, once I passed the TEAS the next step was the nursing program orientation. (I'm telling everyone about the process because I really wish someone would of posted some of this info before I got in! It would of been super helpful just to know what to expect once your accepted). The orientation is about 5 hours long and the instructors explain ALL the next steps you need to take (ie: immunizations, health requirements, ID badge, uniform orders, ATI materials, etc...) and tell you the basics of the program. They also brought in some students who were just finishing their 1st semester going into 2nd. All in all, the orientation scared the crap out of most of us! The amount of tasks you need to complete before the first day of class is quite overwhelming. The health requirements alone take lots of time and the ATI materials (that are seperate from the book list) cost $430. The program is not cheap! One thing I liked during the orientation... they had us go around the room and introduce ourselves and tell everyone how many times we applied and if we had any healthcare experience. I'd say 75% of the class was on their 7th time applying when they got in. Some people were alternates from last semester and a couple veterans were 1st time applicants. There was one guy who was on his 8th time applying, but for the most part we were all 7th timers. Also, almost everyone had some kind of healthcare experience. Many had certification in some kind of healthcare field, but hadnt practiced.

    So, these past few weeks have been pretty crazy! I have one more health requirement to complete and then thats done, and a few other small things to do, but I have somehow managed to get everything going. My first day of class is the 22nd. 12 days! I am super excited and super scared all at the same time... maybe more scared than excited at this point, to be honest. A guy in our class started a Facebook page at the orientation and some of us have been communicating through that page. I cant tell you how awesome thats been... it's so nice to know that others know exactly what your going through and are having some of the same issues. We've already formed a study group!

    Thats about all for now... I will keep everyone updated! Wish me luck!! RN-- here I come!
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    Thanks for the update! It makes me excited for when my name will magically get picked!
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    I, too, am an ARC alumnus! I just graduated this last December and passed NCLEX last month. Congrats on getting in! I still have yet to meet someone who had to wait longer than I (8 semesters = 4 years). Sucks but it's all in the past as this shall be for you Can't believe most of the class applied 7 times! Our class was more around a 1-2 year wait. My friend got in her first time! No fair! heheh

    Someone started an ARC page for us last semester and I really like that idea. I was sad that we hadn't done that from the beginning like you guys have done.

    If you study hard, work hard, learn the material, practice your skills, you will have a great time like I did. 2nd semester is a whirlwind and my least favorite semester. Having OB, peds and med/surg all crammed in one semester was crazy! I loved the instructors even the adjuncts.

    Try to get your foot in the door somewhere doing anything - housekeeping, central distribution, transport, dietary, linen - the job market in the area is horrible, just like everywhere else in the country. I think only one out of all of us has landed an RN job so far and she had to move out of state.

    You are also welcome to PM me when you can. Good luck, have fun and learn lots!
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    Hello Cortney, how is school going? I am applying to ARC and Sac City for the 2nd time now, and can only hope to get in. I'd love to hear how things are going for you. Best of luck!
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    Quote from soyboy
    Hello Cortney, how is school going? I am applying to ARC and Sac City for the 2nd time now, and can only hope to get in. I'd love to hear how things are going for you. Best of luck!
    Hi soyboy, I am also applying to ARC and Sac City for the second time! Fingers crossed! I hope we get in!!!

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