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Hello everyone. My name is Cortney, I'm 31 and from Sacramento, CA. I found out last week (on my birthday!) that I was finally accepted into ARC's nursing program!! I applied 7 times= 3.5 years waiting. I will start in January... Read More

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    OH! Okay... well I will PM you eventually. I'm really hoping you can tell me what it's like! I'm so nervous!

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    Congrats I have yet to heard back yet either. We usually will get a rejection email if anything so there is still hope =]
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    Yeah the fact that I have not received a rejection letter yet gives me some hope.
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    Yes! There is still hope! I hope you both get in and we can rock the program together!
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    Congratulations!!! I actually just finished my last pre-req in the Spring of 2012, so Spring of 2013 was the first semester I could get in, and I just found I was accepted as Samuel Merritt! I am SUPER excited! My friend has been applying to ARC for 6 semesters, almost like you, & hasn't heard back yet... I'm hoping they haven't told everyone yet, because I feel REALLY bad that I got in before her. Do you know anyone else that heard after you, or do you speculate they sent all the acceptance letters on the 6th?

    Again, CONGRATULATIONS!!! Good luck on your TEAS, too!
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    CONGRATULATIONS! Getting in anywhere on your first try is a big deal!! I'm happy for you!

    I hope your friend gets in this time too! I'm hoping for everyone that they havent sent out all the acceptance letters yet. I dont have any friends who applied this time, so its hard to know. Most of my nursing friends all gave up on ARC a couple years ago and moved out of state for nursing school or went into another field. I know how heart-breaking it is to wait and wait... and then get another "not accepted" letter. I dont wish it on anyone.

    Good luck at Samuel Merritt hun! And... again, a HUGE congratulations!!
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    Congratulations!!! This was my first time applying to ARC and Sac City. I didn't get accepted at sac city and I haven't heard from ARC so I assume its a no. But it's nice to hear there is a light at the end of the tunnel!
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    Yes, definitely keep applying. You will get in somewhere, but the waiting game and application process in general is awful!
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    Quote from Marykdarling
    Yes, definitely keep applying. You will get in somewhere, but the waiting game and application process in general is awful!
    I know! It just started for me and its so awful! All I can think about is how can I wait like this for up to 3-4 years!?!?
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    Waiting sucks especially when the end result is rejection. Its better to inceease your odds by applying to lots of different schools instead of the ones in our area.

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