Evergreen Valley College Fall 2012

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    Hello everyone , I start this threat for EVC program Fall 2012, anyone going to apply? please do join and share info, btw any guy apply ? good luck to all
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    Hi there,

    I am applying, but for some reason I cannot open the application yet. On their website they stating application period from Oct 1st - Oct 31st. Today is Oct 2nd and I cannot download the application Btw, I am a girl, but I am sure there will be a lot of guys applying...
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    Yes I can't download either, maybe Monday , hey will you apply other school besides this Mila, I m
    Glad u have relied , hope we can get in this time
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    Btw lucky u can apply for deanza , I can't
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    Hey! I hope we'll get in But, I also applied to De Anza and going to apply to schools around the bay area.
    I need to take Teas V soon, because state universities wont accept application with out it...
    Hopefully Monday they will open the application. Did you apply to any other schools?
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    Why can't you apply to De Anza? Did you take pharmacology there?
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    So sad I didn't take Nutrition there even though I took at my school already , you have a very good chance, u should apply csulb, I took teas v , it hard but u will do just fine if u are prepared , evc nursing uniform so cool and cute, I saw them at Bascom. hey are u going to apply SFSU , u have 1 yr volunteer , it is terrific , my name Tin nice to meet u
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    Hi Tin Nice to meet you! Good Luck with Evergreen and other schools you applying this year.
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    Hello everyone . I am happy there is a thread for Evergreen applicants (Fall 2012). I am applying to several schools this year with Evergreen being my top choice. I just got an email saying they got my application and they will be sending all other communication via email. I am really hoping i get in!!!
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    Hi Everyone:spin:....EVC is the only school that I've applied to this year. I am applying for De Anza in Dec after I take their nutrition class and pass he HESI math portion of the exam.....Does anyone know when they will be sending out letters for EVC?I'm so scared!