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  1. by   emt_anderson
    Hey you guys I just took my test today and I PASSED!!! WOOOOO. I even passed the anatomy and physiology part and wont have to take them if I get into their program. hells yes!!! anybody else take their exam today???
  2. by   jmiraRN
    Does anybody have a date for their interview yet?? My test was nearly 3 weeks ago and they said they'd be calling to give out dates around now and wondered if anybody heard back yet?
  3. by   emt_anderson
    they wont start calling in for interviews untill next week after they are done with testing.
  4. by   .:Jewels:.
    has anyone gotten a call yet??? i took the test over 4 weeks ago...getting worried:/
  5. by   .:Jewels:.
    jmira, have u gotten called yet? i took mine early sept...still nothing!
  6. by   jmiraRN
    No I haven't gotten a call. I tested the very first day. I did every request they asked as far as the official transcripts sent over etc. I emailed them as to when I should expect a call and when I get a reply I will inform you. Ya I've been getting a little worried as well. Hopefully soon!
  7. by   .:Jewels:.
    yeaa..i tested during the 1st week, me too!! transcripts sent out the 1st week! well...keep me posted
  8. by   jmiraRN
    Ok they haven't started calling yet as they have yet to finalize which dates they interviews will take place. So hopefully very soon now. Its kind of a tough process a lotta waiting and anticipations!
  9. by   .:Jewels:.
    THANKS! i knoww...i just want a date already!
  10. by   emt_anderson
    has anyone heard anything yet??!!! i'm anxious to get it all started!! or finished. lol.
  11. by   .:Jewels:.
    emt anderson, im totally on the same page!! i live quite far, and plan on moving to ontario if accepted...it is now november and would like to start looking for an apartment in december....keep me posted!!
  12. by   jmiraRN
    You should be receiving a call any day now. I tested the very first day. I got a call at the end of last week and will be interviewing this week. I am very nervous.yet excited! Wish me luck :-)
  13. by   .:Jewels:.
    Jmira, GOOD LUCK!! i tested the 3rd day....so ill be watching my phone all day, haha...let me know how the interview goes im sure you'll do awesome! oh and btw what are u bringing to the interview? as in letter of recs and other things?