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Hello all, I know there are already a couple of posts for this school, but reading through the threads I didn't get all the information that I was looking for and considering that they are pretty old threads I made a new one... Read More

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    Jmira, GOOD LUCK!! i tested the 3rd day....so ill be watching my phone all day, haha...let me know how the interview goes im sure you'll do awesome! oh and btw what are u bringing to the interview? as in letter of recs and other things?

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    Thank you! It went very well. Do not be nervous. It is a typed short essay follwed by a one on one interview and they are extremely nice. Yes I did bring my filled out app and a letter of rec. Good luck to all! !!
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    glad you did well im still waiting for them to call:/ i tested the 3rd day...did they tell you when the whole financial aid process takes place??
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    Hey good luck to all and what was short essay topic? I just want to have little idea and what kind of questions they asked you.
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    The financial aid/ loans process doesn't take place until you find out the final selection around christmas time. Yes more waiting time. Lol

    The short essay topic was why we wanted to be a nurse. They told us this in orientation so I was prepared for it. The interview questions are typical job interview type questions and about your morals n stuff. Staff was extremely nice so don't sweat it just be yourself.
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    great thanks alot for the info jmira...did you score above 90 percent? because i still havent gotten a call, and i do remember them saying something about calling who scored highest 1st...was wondering if that were true??
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    I didn't hear the part about calling back by scores. Ya my scores were mostly all in the mid to high 90s but I diid have one in the upper 80s. I believe were being called back by dates. I was in the very first session so that may be why. The whole essay/ interview process took nearly 3 hours and I was alone as in no other applicants. So they're probably only scheduling a few at a time. They will be having interviews til around christmas
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    Quote from JCABRERA_03
    emt anderson, im totally on the same page!! i live quite far, and plan on moving to ontario if accepted...it is now november and would like to start looking for an apartment in december....keep me posted!!
    I called them a couple of days ago and they told me I should be getting a call within the next week or two. I'm totally ready for the interview. I know what you mean, I live 4 hours away and I have to look for a place to stay AND a job so I need to like get the process moving. I really hope I get in. Where do you live??
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    Hello all...I'm semi-new to this board =)

    I'm not sure if it'll help any, but I took my test on Sept 29th and have my interview scheduled for this Monday, the 8th--they called about a week ago. I wish I could shed some light on how they schedule these interviews. They did tell me if no one has called by the end of Oct (or I assume a month after you've taken and passed the exam), to feel free to contact the school.

    Good luck everyone, and I really, really hope to see you all in school in January!
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    Also...I live 3 miles from the school, so if you need any information on the area, I'd be happy to help...

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