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  1. 0 Does anyone know anything about their RN program in Ontario? And if it's good or how much it cost
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    Moved to CA State Nursing Programs.

    You can read this allnurses.com article for some insight on the risks & benefits of choosing a private for-profit school for your nursing education: http://allnurses.com/general-nursing...te-742166.html
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    To spend all that kind of money and still be known as one of the lowest NCLEX passing rates in CA, you be the judge.

    Board of Registered Nursing - NCLEX Pass Rates
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    Forgot to add, just short of San Joaquin Valley College, which is lower, just not sure it's really worth the cost of another for-profit school.
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    there is already a thread for this school. You're better off finding some info here.
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