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Hi, I applied for RN license in CA. I haven't heard anything from them.. its been awhile and I'm really worried coz I'm also a foreign grad. Do you guys know how long does it usually take to endorse a license to CA?... Read More

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    Quote from wildleviosa24
    hi i recieved your msg. sorry i cant reply to it privately coz allnurses wont allow me. regarding your question i submitted my application for endorssemnt of my license last july. i just recently recieved their reply and they did not give me a license in ca. they are asking me to take additional clases for ms and ob. well that sucks really but there is nothing i can do it is their policy after all (

    well goodluck on your application i hope you will get a better result
    Hi, may I know when did you start your application for endorsement in Nevada please ?. .how did you do it ?. Thank you
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    Quote from johnybhoi24
    I am just really anxious I hope they approve me and i just hope that my foreign transcript plus my lvn transcript here will meet their requirements
    hello johnybhoi24, i know its been a while since this topic was started, but i'm just curious, cause i graduated at the phil too and wanna endorse myself to CA, did the CA BON approved your endorsement? thank you!
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    do u have any email add ???

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