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Endorsement to California - page 2

Hi, I applied for RN license in CA. I haven't heard anything from them.. its been awhile and I'm really worried coz I'm also a foreign grad. Do you guys know how long does it usually take to endorse... Read More

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    I’m a LVN herein California I went to the Philippines to complete my BSN. I’m in the same situation as you are. I hope that you can shine some light on my situation cause I’m so worried.
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    Have you heard anything as of now?
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    Dee Dee 619,

    I did. Unfortunately, they wanted me to study again to be eligible for CA license. They said my BSN degree in the Philippines didn't meet their requirements. I tried to fight for it. I did a lot of research but it's still a "NO". So I did what they told me to do. I'm graduating in few weeks.

    I'll suggest for you to do the same thing.