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    I figure I start a new thread for the Summer 2013. I just got accepted into the Summer 2013 Temecula campus. Well they sent me the conditional email today. Im so excited! For those of you who got accepted, any interested in rooming out there? Im looking for room mates. Please message me and we can work out something. For those of you who are still waiting, good luck!

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    Hi th2200:

    Could you please tell me what the conditional acceptance email is conditional upon? Will you have any classes in progress in Spring?


    ABSN hopeful
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    Hi ABSN hopeful,

    This is what it states, "Your acceptance is contingent upon the successful completion of a background check including, statewide, county, and federal screening." So im assuming if you pass the background check then your in. I will not be taking any classes in the Spring. I already submitted all my pre-req grades. They don't rank you until you get all the pre-req classes in first.

    Hope that helps,

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    Thanks for the information
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    I just applied for summer 2013!
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    Moved to the California State Nursing Programs forum.
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    i will be sending in my materials to CSUSM this coming week - not sure if it'll get counted toward summer 2013 but beacuse it's rolling admissions, i am hopeful! i really want to start this summer and be in Temecula!

    @th2200, when did you send in all of your application materials and how long did it take for them to give you your conditional acceptance?
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    Hi jax67,

    I submitted my TEAS, last 60 units, and some of my prerequisite classes in September. When I finished my last 2 science classes in December, I submitted the final transcript on December 20, 2012. They sent me a conditional acceptance email January 8, 2013 and a letter in the mail a couple days after.

    I don't think it's too late for summer. The first time I submitted my application material (with 2 prerequisite classes still pending) in September, it took them about a month to send my first evaluation. You still have about 4 months till June, so don't worry.

    Will you be looking for room mates in Temecula?
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    Wow, that was really quick! That makes me think I should have enough time, even if it takes them a full 6-8 weeks to review everything!

    If I get in, yes, I will be looking for roommates. I am from Washington state and will be relocating. I have already looked around for housing in that area (online only) and it seems the cheapest way to go is to rent a house or apartment with people. It might be fun living with people from the same cohort as well! Are you from CA?

    I will keep you updated with my admissions progress!! Oh and congrats on your acceptance!
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    Hi jax67,

    Yeah they are pretty quick with reviewing your application. You should get a evaluation in a few weeks. Housing in Temecula is pretty cheap. The best way is to rent a house or apartment. Although, I prefer a house because it is bigger and there is more privacy but apartments have amenities. Renting a house will be cheaper than apartment though.

    I am from CA and currently live in Los Angeles. Temecula is not part of LA and it will not be as exciting or big as Los Angeles. But Temecula is close to San Diego which is really nice. Since you are from Washington state, why did you pick this school all the way in California?

    Keep me posted with your admission progress!

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