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    Hey everyone, this is the first application process for a Nursing program for myself and I am only applying to CSUSB for Winter 2013. I wanted to see if anyone else is in the same boat as me. I am very nervous for this process!!! I have already applied for the general admission into CSUSB however, I have not heard back yet. I am scheduled to take my first attempt at the TEAS test this Friday at LMU and am also very nervous for that. Is it true that CSUSB does not care how many attempts an applicant takes the TEAS? I have been studying and using the practice tests on ATI Testing's website. So far my scores are not as good as I would like. If anyone has taken the TEAS and used the practice tests online, could you let me know if they are similar?

    My perquisite GPA is a 3.79 and my overall gpa is a 3.52. They are not extremely high but I am hoping they are good enough. I have heard that Winter is less competitive due to the lower amount of applicants but I am still being realistic about the situation. There are so many people applying and hopeful to get accepted just as I am. I have all of the items on the list needed to apply on Sept. 4th. (2 Recommendation letters, Bilingual letter, etc.) However, I do live in San Bernardino county but I went to MT. SAC which is out of the SB County so it does not count me as a resident, sadly. I do not have a TEAS score yet but I will Friday, and hopefully won't need to take it again to get a better score.

    So thats all i've got right now, thanks in advanced for any feedback

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    I will be applying to CSUSB for winter term as well. I am currently going there and finishing up my last prerequisite course (A & P 2). I will be taking the TEAS on campus Sept 22 and finishing up my application shortly thereafter. Wish me luck. Also, are there any other threads about CSUSB that would be of good use to those that want to apply for Winter 2013?
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    I am applying this Winter as well. I have finished all pre-reqs except AP2 which I'm in now at CSUSB..Sadly, my gpa isn't that high but all my pre-reqs are As and Bs...hopefully I'll get in where I need to be. Check out CSUSB Fall 2012 Hopefuls...they have a good amount of info from those that were just admitted! Good luck!
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    hey guys! good luck applying! if you have any questions just pm me. i just got into the fall 2012 program at csusb.
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    Hey everyone,

    I was posting because I am applying for Winter 2013 as well. I want to post my stats to see if I can get some feedback. My prerequisite GPA is 4.0 and my overall GPA is 3.96. I feel good about that section but my TEAS score is a 76.0%. Should I retake the TEAS or just apply with the stats I have now? I am also receiving credit for both letter of recs, bilingual proficiency, and residency. Any feedback will be great. Thanks so much!
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    I also applied to the csusb nursing for winter 2013. Your stats is very good, because their is dis girl who got a 70% in teas but had a gpa of 4.0 and was accepted into the nursing program of this fall 2012.
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    Thanks for the response. Hopefully I will good then with my current stats.
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    Are you a transfer student, or u go to csusb?
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    I just transferred and started in the summer.
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    i transferred but i started in the winter

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