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Hey everyone, this is the first application process for a Nursing program for myself and I am only applying to CSUSB for Winter 2013. I wanted to see if anyone else is in the same boat as me. I am... Read More

  1. by   so_elle
    Hi miketbp! There weren't any emails but letters were sent in the mail last week. There is also a list of those accepted posted in the nursing department at csusb. if you'd like I can email it to you.
  2. by   so_elle
    Quote from loislane23
    New to the thread but just wanted to say congrats to everyone!!! I also got accepted to Winter 2013! I am looking forward to meeting all of you. Just an FYI, I went to the Nursing Department to turn in my acceptance letter and sign up for the CPR class. When I was there they told me there is a limited number of spots so if you are interested sign up asap. It is $45 which is the least expensive I have seen for a BLS CPR class and the money is not due until the day of orientation.Congrats again!!
    Congratulations on getting in!!
  3. by   miketbp
    So anything to post. Or can someone pm me to see the list of people who got in?
  4. by   Noren.ali
    I'm new to this thread... But congrats to everyone!! I too was accepted! I can't wait to meet everyone!! We are going to be amazing nurses!!
  5. by   Noren.ali
    Ps... Can anyone tell how I can join the fb group? I would love to start getting to know u guys
  6. by   760fatima2005
    Hi, I noticed that you got into the fall 2012 nursing program at CSUSB. I just got admitted into the Winter 2013 program and wanted to ask you a few questions. I do not have a lot of money to buy their digital books and a laptop to download them, and I was wondering if you could give me a list of ISBN numbers for the books that are required for the program. I usually buy used books and prefer the actual books to a digital download. Please let me know if you can help and thanks a lot.
  7. by   RNloveee
    Hi 760Fatima2005,I was also admitted for Winter 2013 and we were given all the details for the required textbooks at orientation. Did you attend?
  8. by   760fatima2005
    Yes, I attended. The problem is that the bundle of books costs $600.00 and it is a digital bundle. The ISBN listed on the bookstore website is for the digital books (I think 20 of them) and that is not what I want. I was trying to get the actual books, but I do not have the ISBN numbers or names for each of the books. That is why I was wondering if someone who already has the books can post the ISBN numbers so that I can see if I can get a used copy of them. Thanks for your reply.
  9. by   760fatima2005
    Can you send me the link to join the facebook group? Thanks, my email is am.1234@live.com
  10. by   Carol220
    @DarkBluePhoenix, I noticed you were on the CSULB Fall 2012 thread, and I noticed that you are going to CSUSB instead... I'm curious, why didn't you go to Long Beach? I am applying for the CSULB Fall 2013 program, and I believe I have a 9.1 which is what I think you had, but I don't remember exactly what I read... was that score not sufficient enough to get into the program? I'm just wondering if I need to retake my TEAS. . . Thank you, and congratulations on getting into CSUSB!
  11. by   DarkBluePhoenix

    I got as far as an interview for CSULB. I had about a 9.13 (which wasn't good enough anyway) but I got denied to the university because I failed one engineering class years ago. The nursing dept tried to fight with admitting to let me in but they did not budge. What was really screwed up, is that they knew I could never get into the program (academic wise AND because of the university denying me entry) but let me go to the interview anyway and didn't let me know until I called over a hundred times. That nursing dept has a lot of issues and don't seem very nice to their students so I am glad I didn't end up there.

    But for you, good luck. There program is very hard to get into. Just put your mind to it and you will get in!
  12. by   Carol220
    Oh, okay, thank you, and I guess i have to retake the dam test! lol! Anyways, thank you for replying. I hope school is going well for you and that you're having a wonderful winter break
  13. by   DarkBluePhoenix
    No problem! Honestly, I would very much apply to as many programs as possible, even the ones that are far away or you may not be inclined to go to. I really didn't want to attend CSUSB but that is the only BSN program I got into, and I am really glad I got in! I thought the drive would be a pain (and it still is) but the people in my cohort are awesome and the dept is really good as well as the instructors!

    So my point is, apply to as many places as possible. Nowadays the chances of getting into a program on the first try is slim (i was lucky cause I applied to so many!) and as much as you may not want an ADN, I would apply to them as back up. Rather be in a program then in none at all.

    So good luck with CSULB as well. And enjoy your break from school. Once the program starts (no matter where you go) its all busy work and studying. So enjoy no school while you can!!!