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Hey everyone, this is the first application process for a Nursing program for myself and I am only applying to CSUSB for Winter 2013. I wanted to see if anyone else is in the same boat as me. I am very nervous for this process!!!... Read More

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    Wow I have been so busy I completed forgot to check on this thread I started.. Sorry guys!

    I did take my TEAS on the 24th of August and scored an 83.3%... It was not what I was aiming for but I guess it will have to do! I was considering retaking it since CSUSB does not care how many attempts you have but I already submitted it along with all the other documents for the application! I am so nervous......

    EastAfrican, you have amazing GPAs! I am jealous haha.. I'm sure the TEAS score won't affect you with a 4.0 prerequisite gap!!!

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    Hey DarkBluePhoenix, I don't think I am allowed to PM anyone yet! Do you think you could answer some of my questions here? Or maybe Email me?
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    allove08, Hopefully we both get in then! I am so nervous because I feel my TEAS score is so average. I heard we have to wait a month before the send out who gets in and what not.
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    This is my stats for winter 2013
    English A
    Micro B
    Anatomy A
    Chem A
    Biochem A
    college algebra B+
    Comm120 B
    critical thinking B
    Physiology B
    Teas 82%
    My perquisite gap is 3.533, letters of recommendation, bilingual, and i live on campus.
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    i meant gpa
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    Hey guys! sorry for not being on. Its my first week and we have about 15 chapters to read and two papers to write already! (i hope i aint scaring any of you!) anywho stats are all good. idk how winter is but this fall was very competitive. the average GPA was 3.8 and the average TEAS was 91% i think. it was the highest they have ever had! but as i said, winter is easier than fall. just make sure you can retake the TEAS if its lower then you want since they allow unlimited retakes.

    i wish you all good luck! you can try and pm me if you have questions, but i am afraid i will be plenty busy this quarter. i will try and get on to check but if i dont. you guys who get in for winter will know why :P
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    I honestly think your chances are higher than mine EastAfrican! From what I know, prerequisite GPA is 30 of the 54 possible points so you have a big chunk of the points already. The TEAS is only 15 points so it won't hurt your overall points by much... I am nervous because my prerequisite GPA is not as high as I was working towards . And although my TEAS is a little better, it is only max 15 points of the 54. But I have to keep thinking positive!

    I am still waiting to see if I will even be accepted into CSUSB for Winter 2013 besides the nursing program lol.. so much stress!

    Anyone know when exactly the acceptance letters/rejection letters will be sent out? I know Winter 2013 for CSUSB starts January 7, 2013 so hopefully we will know by early December 2012.
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    Yea but my Teas will bring me down at least 5 points. Hmm yea I just submitted everything. The nursing department said we will find out who gets accepted between mid to late October, which means in 2-4 weeks! As for the University I have no idea, hopefully early October!
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    i wish every one good luck........and i hope we all get in the winter nursing program
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    i wish every one good luck........and i hope we all get in the winter nursing program
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