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Hey everyone! Well we made it mighty far and now we are done with pre reqs and on to applying! I am applying to the 2012 cohort and would like to invite everyone else that is applying to post here for any questions, concerns or... Read More

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    That's true. How long is this nursing program at CSUSB in comparison to CSULA? Are both quarter systems?

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    both quarter, both 3 years but since i am disqualified for CSULB and I am not competitive enough for CSULA I guess CSUSB is my last shot!

    cross my fingers!
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    CSULB already contacted you and said you're disqualified?
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    Not yet but I'm really pessimistic (can you tell) and I just know they will so I'm not holding my breath. Plus with addition of applicants, I'm not competitive enough
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    Just turned in my supplemental stuff! Now all I need to do is update everyone with transcripts and its done!
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    Hey DarkBluePhoenix,

    Do you know if we need to send initial transcripts to the Admissions office as well?

    What I see from the website it seems that the documents due to the Nursing department by March 1st are: teas results, initial transcripts, language proficiency, and letter of recommendations. Then final transcripts are due in July to the Nursing department AND Admissions? Is that correct? Thanks!
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    For all the colleges I applied to, transcripts are due in June/July. But I don't get why they request them so late, after they had already made an admissions decision. I guess it's to double check what you entered on CSU Mentor is accurate. When I log into the mycoyote CSUSB student log in, under "Application status" it says that my application is imcomplete because I need to submit official transcripts by July 15th. Don't they make the decisions before that though?
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    yes i actually got an "incomplete application" email from CSUSB. dont worry. i emailed the admissions and they said that final transcripts are due in July so we are ok. IDK how CSUSB is able to get away with not sending acceptances/denials so late. i mean luckily they are on quarter system so fall starts late sept but still! i know the deposite is due in like early May for the CSU's. Why would I put in a deposit if I dont know if I am in the program yet? ya Know? And where are all the CSUSB applicants? I swear this school is the one CSU that doesn't show up very often. I cant even find good enough statistics to see how competitive i am.

    Guess what? I just realized that i sent everything to CSUSB SoN BUTTTTT i forgot to print out my TEAS score transcript! UGH how could I forget that? I put in transcripts, 2 letters of rec, copy of my current job with CNA cert and forgot TEAS SCORE! so after winter is over I will just send it with those transcripts because the class that I am in is one of my "in progress" course (college algebra bleeech) so I know they will need it ASAP so no big hurry!

    ahh we have a loooong wait for CSUSB. Hopefully we (mostly likely you and not me) get accepted somewhere else and CSUSB is a back up. I know we find out for CSULA around mid April (ugh) and interviews for CSULB is mid march (eh oh well) so I mean, for all the CSU's I am applying to, this is the last one to let everyone know if they are in or not. I wish they wouldn't let it go on so long!

    I also applied to RCC as a back up (very respected ADN program, a lot of grads get choosen over LLU grads!) and they wont file decisions until late July TOO! ***** Because they are semester and fall starts late August so talk about a small window of time to get all the info in! Hopefully with the lack of responses, there arent a lot of people applying? that is hopefuly thinking, as hopeful i can get at this point
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    If you guys don't mind me asking, what are your stats?
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    @DarkBluePhoenix I see what you mean. They are trying to cheat us our money by making us put in a deposit then later on see that there was some discrepancy with our transcripts and our online application! Then they get to keep our money! Haha. And have you called them to let them know you forgot your TEAS scores? You might want to do that just in case they realize you forgot it and void your application or something. When does CSUSB let us know whether we are accepted or not? And I think that applying to RCC for their ADN program is a good back up, but I would rather go straight to BSN. The hospital that I volunteer at and where my mom works and where I will hopefully do my clinicals at (CSULB does clinicals there) only accepts BSN degrees and up now. In a few years it will just get tougher and tougher to find a job with an ADN. You can always do the ADN->BSN route but won't it take longer than just doing the BSN program? To be honest, I did not even know that CSUSB had a nursing program until I did my research last summer.

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