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CSUSB Fall 2012 Hopefuls - page 2

Hey everyone! Well we made it mighty far and now we are done with pre reqs and on to applying! I am applying to the 2012 cohort and would like to invite everyone else that is applying to post here... Read More

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    of course ST!

    ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS certify mail with return receipt. I just did 2 apps yesterday and one update to the unversity. it was actually $6.23 per app/update

    So be prepared to spend some $$ for each application and update, and do not forget to update the universities, with a SEPARATE envelope with transcripts!
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    I send my apps with the return receipt and certified mail, but I didnt for the Fall 2011 transcripts that I sent to CSULA and SFSU. For those, I just sent it with the regular postage stamp. I also didn't send my SDSU packet with return receipt/certified, too late now!
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    I always send anything school related, certified with return receipt
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    What does certified actually mean? Is it possible to send something with return receipt and not certified? Lol, only reason I ask is because when I went to the post office and turned in my first nursing app ever, they told me I had to do both certified with the return signature. Never actually knew what that meant ..
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    I think you can do no certify no receipt., just certify, just receipt, or both. I always do both. Certify is that you can track it to make sure it gets there. I wouldn't take a chance of something like transcripts don't make it and have to order and send them again.
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    Glad we have til march for CSUSB. My professors writing my letter of rec is lagging it. Ugh and my other letter of rec my not.be done for awhile. Ugh I hate depending on other people for what I need. Oh well I may have to ask someone else to write it. bummer.
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    Aww. I got mine done in December so that I wouldn't have to worry about it this semester. It didn't state that both have to be from professors right?
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    no the character one doesnt have to be from a professor. i remember going to the info session and asking and they said only the academic one is professor. i believe they dont even read them! i bet they just make sure you have two and skim them and then give you the whopping two points they are worth or something!

    ugh what a waste, im getting my character one from an employer.

    i tried to do it in december but my professor was overloaded with classes (was teaching like 5 classes and 3 labs) and so i just waited. he said its supposed to be done today and ready for me to pick up!
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    Oh I see, hopefully you will get them today so you can send in your packet! I got my academic one from a professor but he didn't teach one of the pre-reqs for nursing or a science or whatever. Hope that doesn't matter, and for my character one I had my volunteer leader write it. I'm always so lazy to go to the info sessions Only went to the one at CSULB cause that's where I go. I know you get extra points for going to the CSUSB one right? Its like an hour and 15 min drive from where I am so I was like ehhhhhhhh, it's still winter break time to sleep in more!
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    Ha ha ya I went to one but I'm down the 210. Like 45 mins away. Ya you get extra points for it but according to them its not worth much. I guess they rate the most points in this order:Pre req GPATeas (overall score)Overall GPACounty you live inLetters of rec Attend info sessionso I mean I heard the letters of rec are two points total so I bet the info session is one point But they didnt reveal how they selected their students.
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    When I emailed one of the nursing staff members, he told me that overall GPA doesn't play a factor in the decision making as long as it meets the minimum requirement. I hope it doesn't because my overall GPA isn't very competitive
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    They told me that it does. It's like ranked right after teas and pre req GPA. No sweat, my overall Is barely a 3.2
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    Ok so i am wondering if they will take high school foreign language. Because at my high school, I took ASL and it was offered only 2 years which made you intermediate in the language. Well after I graduated they added on another year. I hope they take ASL for two years in high school. I mean, what was I going to take for a third year? Beginning Spanish? I hope they accept it. I'm going to ask though just case and BTW they do take previous healthcare experience according to this linkHttp://WWW.CSUSB.edu/majorsdegrees/undergraduate/RN/requirements.aspx